Author: Naomi Goodlet

How I Learned to Embrace My Rebellious Nature

I don’t believe that rebellion is something that you grow out of, get-over or rise above. I think that if you’re born with a rebellious spirit then it will always be a part of you, channeling forth from you in one way or another. I used to think that one day I would cure my inner rebellion but now I’ve learnt to love it as a valid and worthy part of who I am. Let’s get something clear I’m not talking about breaking the law when I talk about rebelling. I’m talking about forging your own path and choosing...

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How Having a Baby Actually Gave Me More Time

How many times have you heard yourself say, “I’d love to do that but I just don’t have time”? I said it more times that I can count. I lived it. In fact my belief that I didn’t have time in my life for anything extra was so strong, that I actually started filling up my life with crap that wasn’t important just so I could maintain this ‘story’. But, I didn’t realize that I was doing it. I wanted to have more time for exercise, reading, leisure and my business but it just seemed too hard to get...

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