Fish Philosophy Quotes

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Well as I type this it’s Monday morning and the prospect of going to work looms in little over 1 hour. I have a real passion for life at the moment and, to be honest, work is the last place I feel like going. Unfortunately it is a necessity until I build up other sources of income, or my work becomes something I’m passionate about (2 things I’m working on).

That said, I always try to bring positive energy to the workplace. My attitude is encapsulated by the FiSH! Philosophy. This is quite a well known idea, but if you haven’t heard of it before I think you’ll find it interesting. Or even if you have heard of it, but don’t live it, I suggest you read on.

The following passage tells where the inspiration for this philosophy came from:

I heard shouting and turned to see a fish hurling through the air into a man’s arms. A cheer followed, and the fish was expertly wrapped and given to a laughing woman. I was laughing, too. I watched for fifteen minutes. The shouts, cheers, and laughing continued—mixed with flying fish. At the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington, it’s another day at work. We should all learn something from them.

The FiSH! Philosophy is all about how you show up each day. How does it feel when you are in a shop and the assistant seems distant or uninterested? Now remember an occasion when you received excellent service – for me it was the other week when I had my car serviced and nothing was too much trouble for the attendant helping me. He paid attention to me and engaged will eye contact and a smile. Like this attendant, I try to be there each day for my customers and co-workers.

The most important part of the FiSH! Philosophy is choosing your attitude. No matter what happens during your day, decide what kind of person you want to be and deal with the situation the best way you can. With that, I’m off to work…… have a great day whatever it is you are doing.