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Zen and the Art of Anything

Some people can search for Zen their entire lives, and still never really know what the hell it is. They know it’s a feeling, and that it should make them happy, but that’s as far as they get.
They seek a practical approach to inciting Zen, an emotional instruction manual to deliver them directly to a serene and mindful psychological space.

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Through Her Death I Learned to Live

It was Christmas Day 2011. A day that my life changed. Forever.

It started out as any ordinary Christmas Day. The only difference was I wasn’t bringing anything to the Christmas family dinner that day. By request. My son and I were getting over the stomach flu and really….no one wanted to eat anything we had to offer. I had to chuckle to myself. Great timing on my part!

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How to Escape Despair and Bring Meaning to Your Life

I have lost a lot of friends in my life. Each time I came face to face with the pain of loss, I was presented with a choice. In looking back at my life, I have come to realize that the choice was always the same.

At the age of 16, for one and a half years I squandered away my existence, lost in a world of drugs. Two friends who shared this life with me are no longer alive today due to the degree to which we immersed ourselves in despair and self-destruction. As cliche as this may sound, the truth is, almost overnight, my life changed forever.

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