Book Review: Getting Things Done

Many personal development sites focus heavily on productivity, and for good reason. I am, however, going to admit here that productivity has traditionally not been one of my strengths. For example, there was quite some time between purchasing Getting Things Done and actually reading it – kind of ironic really.

Well I’m glad I finally got around to reading Getting Things Done. I have not read many productivity books, but I can appreciate why it is commonly known as the “bible” of personal productivity. The following are a few of the points in the book that had the most impact on me.

Write down your ideas as they come


Since I began writing for this blog, I have found ideas for posts or further research constantly pop into my head. Ideas come when I first wake up, when I am in the shower, when I am exercising, on the bus to and from work, and when I am writing posts on related or entirely unrelated material. I’m sure this is the same for anyone who is passionately working on a personal project.

At present I have the target of 1 post per day on my blog. A habit I have found to be extremely useful is writing down ideas as soon as they come to me. Unless I do this, there is no guarantee that at 6am (when I do most of my writing) that I will be able to recall the great idea I had yesterday for a new post. So a simple trick I do is carry a pen and notepad with me throughout the day, and when a great idea comes along I write it down straight away.

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