How To Model Yourself on a Billion Dollar Success Story

In my original article, The Google Story, I looked at some of the unique reasons for Google’s amazing success. So how can you be more like Google?

1. You Need a Greater Reason Than Money

Becoming rich is a worthy goal, but if it is your primary focus you may actually have a harder time attaining it. Google’s founders didn’t set out to be billionaires, rather they were determined to build the world’s best search engine.

2. Focus on Solving Problems and Adding Value

Are you getting too caught up thinking about particular outcomes that you want? Consider how often you think the following:

  • I want a promotion
  • I want a raise
  • I want to earn a passive income from my blog

You will notice that “I want” is common to each of the above. But why would someone want to give you that promotion? Why would someone want to give you that raise? Why would someone want to click on your Adsense ads? These are questions that you should be asking yourself.

The best way to make these outcomes eventuate is to focus on giving people a good reason to give you a promotion/ give you a raise/ click on your ads. That is, solve problems for people and add value to their lives.

3. Focus on the Medium to Long Term

In The Google Story I gave the example of Google’s homepage. This page, one of the most valuable pieces of real estate on the Internet, is free from ads. This decision probably costs Google a lot of money in the short term, in the the medium the long term it is a smart decision.

The following is an example you may come across in your life: imagine that you are trying to close a big deal and the only way to do so is to not tell the client some particular information that, if they knew, would probably cause them to pull out. If you choose not to disclose the information you may, in the short term, be rewarded with bonuses and recognition from your peers. However, in the medium to long term such an action will likely cause damage to your reputation. This will likely have the effect of causing your earning capacity to decrease in the medium to long term.

I try to be like Google and focus on the medium to long term with this blog. One day I would like to make money from this site, but for now I have made the conscious decision to focus on increasing traffic by adding value to my readers.

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