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Don’t enjoy swimming? Or just not a good swimmer? Well read on then. I have been going to the pool once or twice a week for the past 9 months. I am still not a particularly good swimmer, and I don’t find it easy to go to the pool, but I have discovered a number of reasons why I love swimming.

I began going to the local pool 9 months ago with my partner who was pregnant at the time. I have never been a great swimmer, and it took some time before my body started to get into the rhythm of swimming laps. I kept with it though and am now feeling the benefits. These relate to the following:

  • Lack of back pain: I have had problems with back pain in the past, but since I have been swimming I cannot recall having any back pains.
  • Strength: I have seen a noticeable increase in my strength since I began swimming regularly.
  • Self-discipline: everyone loves the pool on a hot summers day. But guess what? Its not always a hot summers day. Quite often I go to the pool (an outdoors one) when the weather is cooler or afterwork. It can be tough to motivate myself to go on these occasions, but when I finish my swim with the knowledge that I did something that I did not want to do, I feel great.
  • Whole body conditioning: I have found swimming has helped tone my upper and lower body.

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1 thought on “Swim For Your Health”

  1. Hi Peter,

    For some time now, I try to wake up early and go to a public indoor swimming pool before going to work. It’s not too far away, only a few steps from where I live. It’s still hard to get up so early for the realy swimmer time slot, but after some time I realized something interesting. When going to work I don’t stress myself that much like before. I think it is because I burn off a lot of energy during swimming that during the daythe iss not much energy left for being stressed over “unimportant” things. It might sound strange but I love this effect a lot. In the past I got stressed about a lot of things, even small problems. But now, after beginning to swim before work I feel like I have to dose my energy and my concentration more precisely.

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