17 Tips for Being Organized, Staying Sane, and Getting Things Done

being organized

If you read last week’s post Well… I Have A New Job, you will be aware that I am now also working as an editor for the popular self improvement blog Pick The Brain. I was very excited when I was offered this job a month ago, but I also realized that I would need to be on my best game if I were to perform well not only in this new role, but also in all the other roles I have in my life.

In the past being organized has not been a strength of mine. I was that person in university who would hand an essay in that I had had months to work on with only minutes to spare (and this was only after several frantic coffee-filled days of last minute research and writing). Anyway I have changed a lot since then, so as promised last week I will let you into my life and show you how I have prepared myself for this new commitment. I hope, of course, that you may pick up a couple of tips and tricks that may be of benefit.