the google story

How To Model Yourself on a Billion Dollar Success Story

In my original article, The Google Story, I looked at some of the unique reasons for Google’s amazing success. So how can you be more like Google?

1. You Need a Greater Reason Than Money

Becoming rich is a worthy goal, but if it is your primary focus you may actually have a harder time attaining it. Google’s founders didn’t set out to be billionaires, rather they were determined to build the world’s best search engine.

The Google Story

Do you want to succeed in business and in life? What better company to model yourself on than Google, the biggest business, media and technology success story of our time.

I have just finished The Google Story by David Vise. It’s a fascinating look at how Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, took Google from being just another Internet start-up to a company with a market value of tens of billions of dollars. There are many reasons for Google’s amazing success. This article will look at the one reason that most resonated with me: the simple, yet unrelenting, desire of Google’s founders to build the world’s best search engine.

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