Author: Ann Davis

7 Dream-Killing Habits (and How to Break Them)

“Remember your dreams and fight for them.”− Paulo Coelho Do you ever feel like you don’t have what it takes to chase your dreams? I felt like that too, but here I am, writing for The Change Blog. Was it easy to get to this point? Nope. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I’ll bet you’ve got your own dream. One that you might be somewhat scared to pursue because you doubt yourself and your ability to make it happen. Believe me, I know how that feels. For years, journaling helped me to understand myself better. I wanted to use...

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How I Used Gratitude to Transform My Life in the Midst of Hardship

“Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.”- Kak Sri You’re struggling to be grateful every day.  Right? You know you should be grateful. You’ve been told to count your blessings. You’ve been told gratitude will increase your happiness. But when you’re going through hard times, it’s easy to think, “What’s the point?” Acquiring an attitude of gratitude is tough. But if you make the effort to practice it every day, in the midst of your hardship, you might find the thing that entirely transforms your life. Can I tell you my gratitude transformation? My...

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