Author: Diana Raab

Writing for Change and Transformation

For more than forty years, I’ve been transformed through the writing process. It all began at the age of six when I was at a sleepaway camp. In my camp trunk, my mother had packed a big box of ruled stationery. I remember that there was a little typewriter logo at the top of the page, reminding me of how my grandmother had taught me to type on her Remington typewriter. Most of the girls in my cabin had to be reminded to write home every day, but not me. During rest hour after lunch, I would sit on...

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Writing to Heal

My writing career began at the age of ten as I was sitting in my walk-in closet writing in my journal. My mother had given me my first journal to help me cope with the loss of my grandmother, who had committed suicide the day before. My parents had been at work, and my grandmother, who lived with us, was looking after me. I had knocked on her bedroom door to ask if I could go swimming in a friend’s pool. She didn’t answer. With a child’s intuition, I sensed that something was wrong, so I scurried down the...

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