Author: Vanessa Soto

Thank You Job: How My Side Project Helped Me Appreciate My 9-to-5 Again

A few years ago, I had a perfectly good, well-paying job that put my skills in digital marketing to use. I had a supportive boss and team, great friends at work, and I wasn’t working crazy hours or dealing with crazy clients like I had in the past. On paper, it was basically my dream job. Yet despite all that, it didn’t feel like enough. I had been taking courses at night in positive psychology and I was learning all kinds of things about human behavior and how our mindsets impact our well-being – but it wasn’t adding up...

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How I Opened My Heart to Change and What Showed Up When I Did

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama I arrived 15 minutes late for the Saturday morning conference call, right as Kate said she was about done with announcements and we would be doing check ins next. Kate being the instructor in my life coach-training program, the conference call being one of the training calls the 15 of us in the program dialed in to from all over the world. As Kate went on to say that this week our check in would be “If you really knew me…” —I kinda started...

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