David B. Bohl

This article was written by David B. Bohl – Husband, Father, Friend, Lifestyle Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and creator of Slow Down FAST.

Understanding the Role Humility Plays in Everyday Life


“Humility, like darkness, reveals the heavenly lights.” – Henry David Thoreau

When do you consider your life “finished”? At what point can you hang up your hat and say that you truly have done everything you wanted in life, you are perfect in every way and that you have learned all you need to know? The answer for all of us is the same – never. None of us can ever say with absolutely certainty that we have truly arrived and there is nothing more for us to do. Just like life is a never ending journey, the goal of being all that we can be in life is also never ending. We all have work to do – be it in our personal lives, our careers or in our community. There are always areas we can work on improving, new ideas we can learn and new experiences we can have and share with others.

Who Else Wants to Live a Sweet Life?

Some things, to me, are very black and white. Take, for instance, the case of a Minocqua, Wisconsin, gas station. A Store employee made the mistake of entering the per-gallon price of gas as 32 cents instead of $3.29. The employee then left, leaving the station unattended, yet open for pay-at-the-pump customers.

What happened? Local residents spread the word to others, and, before the error could be corrected, cars had lined up and 42 people purchased 586 gallons of gas before a local police officer saw the commotion and called the store owner.