Financial Freedom & Career Changes

8 Important Money Reminders


Ok, I have a confession. I went a little crazy on the spending in December. Perhaps it was the new credit card I received early in the month. Or maybe it was the new job conveniently located opposite a mall. I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that a “finance guy” such as myself should know better. That’s why I have called this article “8 Important Money Reminders”. Don’t expect to find some new revolutionary money tip here. I’m going back to basics, if not for you, then definitely for me.

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My Beef With Multi-Level Marketing


Last year I had two different, and yet strikingly similar, experiences with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). For those who don’t know, MLM (also known as Network Marketing) is a business model that combines direct marketing with franchising. In both instances, I chose not to become involved. In this article I would like to explain why.

My first encounter with MLM arose because a close friend invited me to a meeting to get my opinion on a business opportunity. As she later admitted, she was never interested in my “opinion”. Her mind was already made up about the opportunity, and this was just her way to get me to the meeting. Well she did succeed in sparking my curiosity, and since I had nothing else to do I went along. This first MLM opportunity was with a company called ACN and basically involved reselling the services of a telecommunications company.

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The Truth About Debt and Dreams


Does debt cripple dreams? Or is it the very thing that makes them come true?

My first real experience with debt was a credit card I got back in 2003. I was traveling overseas for 10 months, and a credit card was both a way to access funds whilst away and a safety net for if I ran out of cash. Since it was predominantly a working holiday, for the first 9 months I had little use for the card, and what I did put on the card was quickly paid off from my savings. My last month overseas, though, I was on the road and anyone who has ever been traveling will realize how expensive this is.

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10 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Money

spend money

How you spend your money is your business. What you may like to consider, though, is that your spending habits can often affect your level of happiness. And what you initially think may make you happy – the new car, bigger house, and large screen TV – may not give you the most smiles for your dollar. With this in mind, I have come up with what I consider are 10 ways spending your wealth can lead you to a happier, and more satisfying, life.

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