Music & Your Mental State

I was thinking the other day that our taste in music is very revealing of our state of mind. As I have changed over the past 5 years from being sad and depressed to being happy my taste in music has also completely changed.

My 2 favourite bands as a teen were Tool and the Smashing Pumpkins. These bands will always hold a special place in my heart for they represent that time in my life. And yet its very rare that I will listen them these days. My current state of mind is not longer represented by Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. And I must have bought the last Tool album 10,000 Days out of loyalty because I have only listened to it once it about 3 months. I did not connect with it.

These days I enjoy a wide range of music, but there are probably 3 main genres I listen to.

Blue and Roots: my favourite artists in this genre are Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd and the Beautiful Girls. The music is reflective and easy to listen to.

Progressive house/ trance: Desyn Masiello, Sasha, anything from Global Underground, Renaissance or Balance series basically. What I love about this genre is the way in which it can take you on a journey. It is also all about finding new sounds so as a genre it is constantly evolving.

Breakbeat: my favourite artists in this genre include the Plump DJs and the Breakfastaz. Its fun, its groovy, its makes you want to move.

What does your taste in music say about you? Is it uplifting, fun, groovy and/ or reflective? Or is it sad, angry and/ or thrashy?

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1 thought on “Music & Your Mental State”

  1. I have really eclectic taste in music but I find I come back to the same choices daily also due to the limited amount of music on my I phone! Ludovico einaudi (classical) and often his most sentimental tunes such as fairytale but also his lively number Eden rock. I do also often listen to his dramatic pieces like andare and fly. I also do salsa so listen to a lot of tunes I can salsa too including rihanna n shakira. I have noticed though that my music taste has changed quite significantly from when I was younger I listened to a lot of angry music like linkin park and eminem and really related in a way I still do to an extent but get tired off and rarely ever listen to. I think i understand myself a lot more now, am more independent n am happier and more mature but still have some way to go and have some of the issues I faced when younger.

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