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Seven Lessons I’ve Learned From Making Unconventional Career Choices

unconventional career choices

It took me nearly 18-months to land my first full-time job…and less than two-months to quit it.

I knew how silly my decision seemed to the people who cared about me. But I also knew that not only was I miserable, I wasn’t moving closer to my goals. My dream was to be a journalist, and this position was marketing, not media. That was 12 years ago, and I’ve been freelancing ever since.

Finding the Courage to Change Your Career Path

change career path

The work that you do to make a living takes up a large portion of your time and energy. Day after day, the average human works for years, logging in hours upon hours of labor.

That’s not a bad thing, if you love your work. Unfortunately, too many of us can barely even tolerate our jobs. We long to do something that manifests our true purpose in life. So why do so many people continue working at jobs that make them miserable?

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