small minds talk about people

How to Be Boring


Boring people – they’re everywhere. You can tell when you are in the presence of such a person when you have to fight the urge to yawn or your mind wanders off to.. well… just about anything else. Now you too can be boring if you follow these simple, straight-forward tips. (Disclaimer: this is something of a Monday morning rant)

1. Be a fence sitter

Sitting on the fence means taking a position of neutrality or indecision on a particular topic. Now there may be some circumstances where this is needed, but far too often I see people sit on the fence because they are too lazy to think about where they stand on an issue or they are too scared to voice their opinion for fear of offending someone. Boring.

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The Trash Talking Epidemic

“Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, and small minds talk about people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote above. It really captures the feeling I had the other day in the checkout line at the supermarket when I was surrounded by numerous celebrity magazines. I’m sick of such rags. I don’t care who is in rehab. I don’t care who is out of rehab. I don’t care who is skinny. And I really don’t care who is fat.

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