Success From the Inside Out

Fast cars, expensive clothes, big houses, a high income job, overseas holidays, a diversified share portfolio, a beautiful husband or wife…. when a person attains these they are successful, right? These are all symbols that have come to represent success. Indeed, many devote their life to chasing these ‘things’. Is this wrong?

Let me first say that these are all wonderful things that are worth aspiring to have. But there is a certain approach that ensures there is substance to these symbols. This is an approach that ensures that large house is filled with a loving family, that you do not sacrifice what is really important in life for that high paying job, and that the person wearing those expensive clothes is happy. This is a whole-person approach. This is success from the inside out.

How To Model Yourself on a Billion Dollar Success Story

In my original article, The Google Story, I looked at some of the unique reasons for Google’s amazing success. So how can you be more like Google?

1. You Need a Greater Reason Than Money

Becoming rich is a worthy goal, but if it is your primary focus you may actually have a harder time attaining it. Google’s founders didn’t set out to be billionaires, rather they were determined to build the world’s best search engine.

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