The Universe Works If You Get Out The Way


Sometimes, things just go our way. We get the job we have been dreaming of, an unexpected check comes in the mail, or things just seem to effortlessly fall into place for no apparent reason. We call it luck or attribute it to simply having a good day. But in truth, we have been given a glimpse of the true nature of the universe.

We tend to think the timing was right never realizing we are an intimate part of the process. We are not random recipients. If only for the moment, our state of being pulls to us this divine experience of synchronicity. There is rhyme and reason to the way the universe unfolds. When we are “in the flow”, the illusion that we can protect ourselves by being in control has been released. We have gotten out of the way long enough to experience how effortlessly this process takes place. We must be willing to stop pushing and allow the universe to send us the things we truly need rather than what we keep asking for.

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