Author: Patrick Cole

How I Found New Power In My Mistakes

I’ve had opportunities. I’ve tried my hand at many jobs. I did the corporate thing and worked in the academic sphere. I organized parties and I worked in fashion. I poured drinks, pushed charities and baked apple pies. I’ve written books, scripts, and I even directed a short film once with somebody from the BBC. I was part of a startup and worked flat out before that eventually went under. I’ve lived in a dozen countries and traveled through three dozen more. I tried my hand at a half a hundred lives and left them all behind. Today I...

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How I Stopped Letting My Problems Eat at Me (and Started Solving Them Instead)

It would be a huge understatement to say that I was a sheltered child. I grew up in a very loving home. I was homeschooled throughout my entire childhood. My social circle consisted of my very large immediate and extended family and members of our church. My time was very structured and supervised. At the time, I thought that I was just a lucky kid with a lot of people who loved and took care of me. In many ways that was true. When I was in my late teens, things began to change. I went away to college...

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