5 Essential Personal Development Podcasts

Podcasts are basically pre-recorded audio programs you can download. The great thing about podcasts is that you can download an episode and begin listening to it in just minutes either on your computer or portable listening device (iPod, Blackberry, etc). This means you can listen to them anytime, anywhere (eg while jogging, driving, working out or taking a walk).

Below are 5 of my favorite personal development podcasts. Enjoy!

1. Guy Finley

Guy is a best-selling author and well-known radio presenter. He speaks on a range of issues, including relationships, fear, addiction, stress/anxiety, peace, happiness, and freedom. These podcasts are guaranteed to stretch your mind.

Click here to view Guy Finley’s collection of podcasts.

2. Robin Sharma

Robin is one smooth talker – I love listening to his voice. He backs this up with some of the most inspiring, yet down-to-earth, advice you will come across. Whilst he doesn’t seem to record many new podcasts these days, there are 35 podcasts available free on his page.

Click here to visit Robin Sharma’s collection of podcasts.

3. Steve Pavlina

I was actually introduced to podcasting through Steve. Like Robin Sharma, Steve seems to have slowed down with recording new podcasts. That said, he has 20 podcasts available on his page and each of them is a goldmine of wisdom.

Click here to visit Steve Pavlina’s collection of podcasts.

4. Awareness and Consciousness

The Awareness and Consciousness Podcast is dedicated to teaching self-awareness and how to live in
an emotional state of happiness. Gary has some wonderful insights and is very easy to listen to.

Click here to visit the Awareness and Consciousness podcast page.

5. Patrick Mathieu’s Mindful Moment Podcast

Patrick’s podcast is a relatively new find. Anyone who read my last article Review: What’s Your Expiry Date? will be aware that Patrick has an inspiring and personal message to share. Patrick is a professional speaker, and this comes across in the quality of his delivery.

Click here to visit the Mindful Moment podcasting page.

8 thoughts on “5 Essential Personal Development Podcasts”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for sharing all these podcasts. They are all great!
    I love this one “Run to Fear” by Robin Sharma especially. Very good story
    about running towards your Fear instead of running away from it.


  2. Hi Peter
    Thank you for your sharing.I had been listening to steve pavlina,robin sharma and Guy finley already,but the other two are new and really very interesting.I would like to share some of the other sites I know.I hope you all would enjoy them.





    (Just use Internet download manager to download the mp3 files)



    (As a man thinketh–Its free!)



    These are the websites I know.But I know another website which offers great great mp3’s,but which I am afraid I cannot disclose here in public(you get loads and loads of mp3’s,but you get them for free).But I would be very happy to reveal it to you if you would mail me.


    1. hi Anand ,

      i am very much thankfull to you, i am searching for free mp3 of top most speakers can u plz help me with some website
      thank u

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