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How to Set Specific Goals for Change: Three Simple Steps

When we think about change, we’re often tempted to shoot for huge goals – like “get fit” or “eat healthy” or “find a better job” or even “have a better life”.

These goals set you up for failure. They’re not specific – and so they’re hard to work towards, let alone achieve.

When you set goals for real change in your life, try following this simple three-step process:

Eight Simple Ways to Make Change Stick

make change stick

When you start out on a new direction in life, you probably feel fired up and enthused, ready to do anything. For a few days, that motivation lasts.

But change is often a long, slow and – let’s face it – rather tedious process.If you’ve ever been on a diet, you’ve probably noticed this! And even goals that you might be excited about, like writing a book, require a surprising amount of slogging through on days when you’re unenthused.

So, how can you keep up your motivation over the long-term?

make change stick

How to Bounce Back from a Setback

bounce back from a setback

It’s easy to stay motivated when everything’s going well. But our plans don’t always go smoothly. Perhaps you’ve experienced a setback on your way towards a particular goal:

– An injury that stopped you working out and achieving the level of fitness you wanted.
– An unexpected bill that put a massive hole into your hard-won savings
– A rejection letter from the job that you really wanted

… it could be almost anything. Whatever the details, the setback was something that made your heart sink. Your plans were abruptly derailed.

bounce back from a setback

What’s Motivating You: the Carrot or the Stick?


When it comes to making change, motivation matters.

You’ve seen this in your own life … maybe time and time again. You’ve started on big plans and goals which fizzle out, because you couldn’t stay motivated.

I know it’s happened to me. I’ve often wanted to change, only to find that I lacked the ability to really follow through. Something that’s helped me, though, is to understand the power of two different types of motivation:


Take Responsibility, and Change Your Life

take responsibility

Have you ever wished that some aspect of your life would just change, overnight?

We often want change – but it can be hard to accept that it’s even possible. Do any of these look familiar?

All my family are overweight, so it’s no surprise I’m fat…
I’ve never been any good with money…
I just don’t have any willpower…
I hate exercise…

All too often, we rule out possibilities. We adopt a fixed rather than a growth mindset, convincing ourselves that hey, this is just the way we are, and we can’t change.

take responsibility

Seven Creative Ways to Change Your Perspective


Do little things make you unnecessarily stressed?

Do you feel a nagging sense of dissatisfaction with your life?

Do you struggle to see other people’s point of view?

It’s often hard to keep a sense of perspective in our lives. We’re constantly bombarded with urgent-seeming stimuli – like texts, phone calls, instant messages, tweets and emails. We live each day in a rush, fighting our way through an endless to-do list.


Are You Letting People Help You?


How often have you tried to change something, only to give up a few weeks later?

I know my list of failed changes is pretty long. I often have great intentions (about getting up earlier, or eating more healthily, or taking more exercise) – but I don’t always manage to follow through.

If it’s the same for you, perhaps you’re lacking one crucial component of change: other people.


It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

change your mind

How often do you change your mind?

There are some little things which you might flip-flop on every day. Perhaps you decide you want tacos for dinner, but when evening rolls around, you’re hankering for a pizza instead. Or you switch your usual latte for a cappuccino. Or you change your workout at the gym.

But when it comes to big issues – like your career plans, your beliefs and values, your hopes and aspirations – you probably change your mind rarely, if ever.

change your mind
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