Author: Ali Luke

Four and a Half Years of Change … and a Goodbye

It’s well over four years since I first wrote a post for The Change Blog … and during that time, my own life has changed dramatically. Today is also a goodbye (and you’ll understand why when you get to the end of this post).

Today is also a goodbye (and you’ll understand why when you get to the end of this post). Thanks for being part of my journey – and I hope that you’ll find something in my experiences that gives you new inspiration or motivation with your own life. Here are the past four and a half years in my life … and what I learned from them

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Let’s Talk About Change

Have you ever been excited about making a change in your life … only to feel completely deflated by someone’s reaction?

Or have you ever faced a difficult change … and had it made worse by someone else’s reaction?

The people around us – friends, family, colleagues – aren’t always as supportive as we might wish, especially in times of change. They might offer lots of advice – you know they mean well, but it drives you crazy. They might be very negative about the change, telling you it’ll never work out – and that’s often the last thing you need.

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You Are in Control of Your Life

Does it ever feel like you’re being swept along by life, powerless to implement any positive changes?

We often use phrases like “oh, that’s just life” or “life isn’t fair” – and while these can sometimes help us accept daily ups and downs, they also give the impression that life isn’t really under our control.

The truth is that you probably have more control (and at least more influence) than you think.

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Always and Never: Why Setting Firm Limits Can Change Your Life

Are you struggling to make changes in your life?

Perhaps you always start off with good intentions – but slowly, old habits creep back in. You promise yourself that this week, you’re going to eat healthily – and you do fine on Monday. But on Tuesday, your boss buys donuts for the office, and then on Wednesday, it’s a friend’s birthday party and you just can’t resist that chocolate cake…

If your attempts at change seem to get constantly derailed, then you might want to consider setting some clear, non-negotiable rules.

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How to Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Happiness

Do you find it hard to resist chocolate cake, even though you’re on a diet? Do you end up buying new DVDs or video games, even though you’ve made a careful budget?

There’s nothing wrong with you – and you’re certainly not alone. Most of us find it really difficult to stick with our goals at times. And there’s an understandable reason why.

When you’re attempting change in your life, you often need to forsake some short-term pleasures for the sake of happiness over the longer-term.The various things that appeal to you in the moment – like eating chocolate, buying a DVD, hanging out on Facebook, watching TV – are all ones that will bring you some immediate gratification.

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