Author: Allyson Stroschein

Why You Should Celebrate the Thing We’re Taught to Dread

This blog post is inspired by and dedicated to my mother. “It takes a long time to become young.” – Pablo Picasso At some point in my late 20s I started to dread my birthday. I dreaded signs of crow’s feet, cellulite, and failure in reaching my goals. In fact, I had developed a wide range of fear around aging common to many of us who grew up in Western culture. We are taught to cherish birthdays as children, but at some point that excitement should wane until birthdays become a day of dread. And we should especially rue...

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5 Ways to Discover & Nurture Your Intuitive Voice

“Gee Allyson, sure you wanna do this?” my co-workers said as I prepared to quit my job.

I was a tenured “direct hire” for the U.S. government, which meant iron clad job security for life. But despite my gold-plated healthcare insurance, the job felt light years away from my heart’s true calling.

I trudged to work every morning to the subway surrounded by trench coats, humming to myself, “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah.” By most standards, it was a commendable job working for the U.S. agency that administered foreign aid. The job gave me the opportunity to serve others, but in a paper-pushing sort of way, not the impactful way I truly wanted.

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