Author: Izzy

Develop Discipline That Lasts: The 6 Step Process

It’s 5am. I wake up. My body is tired. A piece of me wants to go back to bed. But I know that’s not an option.

Today is my opportunity. Today is your opportunity. You can move forward, take action, start achieving the life of your dreams. Or you can go back to bed, watch some TV, drink another beer… What are you going to do?

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Why Gratitude Will Save Your Life (& 7 Ways to Increase It Starting Today)

I took a moment. I could feel my chest. My heart was racing. What’s wrong with me? It didn’t make sense. I was 27 years old, healthy, had a good job, loving parents, great friends, involved in the community, and the list keeps going.

Yet, as I lay on my bed at 2am, overwhelmed by my life, I knew something was wrong. It was as if, the world had been handed to me, and I had no soul. From a logical standpoint my life was great, but my heart showed otherwise. Why can’t I appreciate? Why do I feel this? Why do I hate my life?

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How to Live a Meaningful Life

It was a hard thing to admit – that I’d done everything I was told to do… and felt empty. Western culture tells us “Get a degree, get a job, get a home, make a lot of money, and happiness is yours.” I’ve tested the theory… It doesn’t work.

I used to be a teacher in the inner city. Every morning I would wake up at 530 am to go teach in the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. On some level it felt good. On paper, it looked great. Here I was – in my mid 20’s giving my heart and soul to educate america’s underserved youth. But if I’m honest, with you, with myself – I did it for the wrong reasons.

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