Author: Jakob Barry

Why Altering Your Personal Space Can Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Whenever I’m in a serious rut one of the first things that helps rectify the situation is taking a look around and evaluating the state of my living space. It may not sound like the place to start but a calm environment is usually a key ingredient towards fostering my self growth and refreshing the imagination.

After all, if my surroundings are falling apart it’s only natural that I too could start cracking at the seams.

That’s why though an occasional major cleaning or de-cluttering campaign does the job, once in a while a more drastic approach is in order. It’s something I like to call spatial rejuvenation.

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Clearing Clutter Opens the Mind

I do a lot of writing about home improvement and environmental issues and one of the most important topics I find everyone can relate to is clutter.

Clutter can be a heavy burden that confines and suffocates. Like the interesting phenomenon of a pet taking on characteristics of its owner when they’re out for a walk, we often take on elements of the mess around us without even knowing it.

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