Jeff Munn

Jeff Munn is a coach, writer, and speaker who focuses on stress management and life change for lawyers, consultants, and corporate executives. Read his blog at his website,, or contact him on Facebook at

An Easy Step Toward Radical Transformation

easy step

A few years ago, I was a highly paid professional who was, from all external appearances, successful. I’d gone to great schools, gotten a job in a good law firm, and a house in the right suburb.

On the outside, I was smiling. But on the inside, I was stressed and miserable.

There was just too much to do. It was endless. Nonstop. And I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t see how the path I was on could lead to anything more than more stress, and more misery.

And that’s when I discovered a tool that revolutionized my life.

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How to Hack the Thoughts Keeping You From Your Dream


We all have a way in which we secretly want to change the world, but we’re scared to death to try. I want you to bring that secret desire into your awareness, to feel it in your heart and soul, right now. Maybe you want to publish a novel, or leave your job and start a business. Maybe you want to paint or sculpt or write poetry.

But if you’re like me, every time you try to get out of the box that it feels like you’re in, a thought or two pops up and says “No. Not You. Not Now.”

I’ve found a way to push through those thoughts.

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