Jillian Davis

Jillian Davis runs a creative career consulting business. Her talent is doing JAM sessions to amplify your unique, Godhead-given talent. Her web site and blog can be found atwww.jillianjdavis.com

How to Find Your Passion in the Next 5 Minutes

how to find your passion

I read a wonderful post on this blog recently about we don’t FIND our passions, they come THROUGH us: Our passions are already there. This is very, very true.

I was reminded of this over the weekend while teaching a workshop on finding your passion and creating income from it. We were in the portion of the class in which I did some *laser consults* from the front of the auditorium. I was helping one man come to understand his true *Passion*. In fact, he was close, because he already knew that he wanted to be a Professional Speaker. However, he couldn’t choose WHICH of many topics he wanted to speak on.

I put it to him square: “What would you do with your life’s work, if you were going to die tomorrow?”

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‘Rock’-ing Your Gift

your gift

I grew up with a mother that, loving though she was, believed that people with great talent – artists, writers and the like – are born with their special gift. She would often watch a program on PBS, say a broadcasting of one of the MET’s operas, and say afterward, ‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to….’ (Fill in the blank for the specific talent).

You can imagine how hard it was to believe that I could accomplish much, given my mother’s feelings about human genius being confined to the few born into it.

I think a lot of us were raised with parents like this.

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