Kavetha Sundaramoorthy

I am a psychiatrist, passionate about using neuroscience and eastern mindfulness to help people live their best lives. Find me on Facebook.

Facing The Thing That Scares You the Most


What about yourself makes you feel so ashamed, so scared, that you would go to any length to hide it? The one thing that you think you’ve succeed in forgetting, until it returns to haunt you again in some unsuspecting moment. I know it’s in you, because it’s in all of us; just under a different name.

Maybe yours is called a childhood memory, or an affair that you are hoping will never re-surface, the guilt that won’t fade away, a compulsive habit that you are trying hard to control… Or maybe it’s your sexual identity or the gnawing sense of emptiness in your marriage. Whatever it is that you are running away from, you are not alone. You’re probably wondering how I am so sure. I’m sure because I ran away from it too.

6 Lies Your Depression Wants You to Believe (& How to Not Fall Into the Trap)

depression lies

When depression hits, it hijacks your thoughts and feelings. It whispers seductive lies into your ears; lies that gradually start sounding like the truth. I know how that feels, because I have struggled with it too. If on the other hand, you knew the lies depression commonly uses, then you can ignore or replace them with your own inner truth. And every time you do that, you have healed a little bit.

So, here are some common ‘depression deceptions’ to watch out for: