Mark David Gerson

Mark David Gerson is a life coach, writing coach and popular speaker who focuses all his work on inspiring groups and individuals to unleash and express the power of their potential. Author of the award-winning visionary fantasy, The MoonQuest, and of the critically acclaimed book of tools, tips and inspiration for writers, The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write, Mark David has also recorded several CDs of guided meditations. His screenplay adaptation of The MoonQuest is now in active development with Anvil Springs Entertainment. For more information about Mark David, visit or his blogs, and

Love Changes Everything

love heart

“Love, love changes everything … Nothing in the world will ever be the same.” ~ from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Aspects of Love”

The black jeep drives out of the Denny’s parking lot in Gallup, New Mexico, my daughter Guinevere waving from the back seat. It turns south on Muñoz Drive, then west on I-40 on its way back to Sedona, Arizona.

For ten minutes, I sit numbly in my car, unable to turn the key in the ignition and follow Muñoz to I-40’s eastbound ramp, for the two-and-a-half-hour trip home to Albuquerque. When I do, it’s a long time before I can turn on the radio or call a friend, the two distractions that often ease long drives for me.

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Infinite Possibility, Infinite Flow


In recent weeks, several friends who are experiencing financial challenges have posed this question to me:

Why is that so many aspects of my life seem to be flowing, but when it comes to money, I feel so stuck?


Why is it that when I’m meditating, creating, writing or “in the zone,” I feel alive and vibrant, as though I’m living at the highest of frequencies, but when it comes to finances, I come crashing back to earth?

These are important questions and the answers are both simple and complex.

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