Stepping Up to the Challenge of Change

stepping stones

Jack was gripped with indecision. His stomach was in knots. Uncertainty pulsed through his veins. A decision had to be made! Now! He could feel the opportunity slipping away. The opportunity of this trade was about to expire. “Do I pull the trigger or not?” came the question in his mind. As a futures trader, he was watching his computer screen trying to make a decision about a trade – to risk or to stay safe. And he had fallen into the one trap that no trader can allow to take over his state of mind – fear of failure.

Thoughts raced through his mind at breakneck speed, “Do it. Do it now! What are you – chicken? How do you expect to make a living if you don’t act?”

Another voice in his mind screamed, “What if it’s wrong? You’re going to lose your retirement. Then what are you going to tell your wife?” The battle raged back and forth in his mind. He pushed it away and tried to pretend he was calm and emotionless. Then the battle in his mind surged into his awareness again.

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