Changing Your Life: An Introduction

I must admit, as I begin the creation of this site I have a million and one ideas rushing around my head. So where to start? Well I guess a good place would be to look a bit closer at the idea of “changing your life”.

Peoples lives change constantly. They change in ways big and small. They change in ways good and bad. If there is one certainty in life, its the fact that you will change in numerous ways throughout your life. In short, change is unavoidable.

Now the big idea is this: the way your life evolves is determined predominantly by YOU.

The greatest freedom you have in life is the freedom to choose. Your life should not be determined by your genes, your parents, what people think of you, etc. These will influence your life, but the first step to changing your life is the recognition that we as human beings are self-determining through our choices.

Your choices determine your life. Once you accept this as a truth you are ready to begin changing your life for the better.

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