How To Improve Your Life Starting Today

how to improve your life

I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want to significantly improve their life.  The good news is: Every moment is an opportunity to become better than we’ve been in the past.  This is a brief article on how to improve your life starting today.  I challenge you to take action on each of these items; they will change your life if you do.

1. Become an Eclectic Reader

An eclectic reader is a reader who reads information from a variety of sources.  Reading daily from a variety of authors with different backgrounds and beliefs is an excellent way to expand your mind and change your life. It’s not necessary that you agree with “everything” the authors say; you can learn something from anyone.  Reading from a multiplicity of sources gives you the ability to take-on new concepts, thoughts, and principles that stretch your mind to greater dimensions and new perspectives, allowing you to receive ideas which have “never” been conceived before.

You shouldn’t just listen to people who you “agree” with; listen to individuals with unorthodox concepts and view points that you may oppose.   There’s a quote that goes, “If everybody’s thinking the same, then somebody’s not thinking.”  Don’t get caught up in “group thinking,” where your thoughts only mimic that of the greater population.  Use reading as a tool to give you deeper insights so you can form more accurate conclusions.

How many books or articles are you reading a day?  As many of you may know, reading is something that I love to do. I’m reading all the time; the information that I read comes from such a unique variety of authors that it would be very unlikely for someone to “in-take” this same combination of information.  This rare combination of information provides me with new concepts which have never been thought of before.

2. Meditate and/ or Schedule Quiet Time

When I say meditate, I’m talking about taking 5-10 minutes, maybe more, to silence your mind, using this time as a form of relaxation and renewal.

You may choose to utilize this time as a way of quietly focusing your mind on the images that you want to experience.  You may choose to utilize this time as a way of opening your mind to new ideas that will improve your life or solve certain problems that you’re encountering.

Your mind is always so busy; take a few minutes everyday to give it a much needed refresher.  “Time-out” is always better than “burn-out.”  Schedule “time-out” daily, if you do, you will be healthier, happier and you will have many more creative ideas to improve your circumstances and your life.

3. Start Working Out, or Increase Your Workouts

Are you giving your best efforts to your workouts?  I could personally do more, I work out six days a week, but I know I’m capable of seven.  Are you giving your best?

Working out improves your life’s expectancy, overall health, the way you look, and the way you feel about yourself.  Why would anyone not do it?

If you’re not working out, get started today; try to do at least 4-5 days a week, even if it’s only for a few minutes, learn to cultivate the joy of working out.  Don’t go around saying “I hate working out,” because you will begin to hate it.  Affirm that you “love to work out,” and you will begin to love it.

4. Spend Quality Time With The People Who Mean The Most To You

Friends and family are truly an avenue which can create lots of joy in your life.  Take time to really experience and appreciate the joy of being around the people who mean the most to you.  I’m talking about daily pre-scheduled quality time, no cell phones, no computers, no distractions, no thoughts of being anywhere else, or doing anything other than experiencing and appreciating the people who mean the most to you.

Learn from them, teach them, laugh with them, discuss deep issues, and just “shoot the breeze.”

What’s your story?  Who can you spend more time with?  And don’t say your “poker buddies.”  Maybe it’s your kid, maybe it’s your wife or husband, maybe it’s your nieces and nephews.  Let people know how much you admire and appreciate them by giving them the price-less gift of your time.

5. Enhance Your Diet

The saying is true, “You are what you eat.”   The only source your body has to re-create itself is the food that you give it, so don’t give it junk.

Do you realize that diseases can be caused as a result of poor movement of food through your body? Are you getting 100% of the fiber your body needs?  Are you drinking enough water?  Do you have a written diet plan?

Are you receiving a large portion of your calories from fruits and vegetables?  I challenge you to do so, if you aren’t.

In concluding, make sure that you observe and implement these ideas today. You have the power to improve your life forever, starting right now.

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39 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Life Starting Today”

  1. Hey Mr. SD, another great article…..if we can all work on improving these areas what a difference it would make in our lives….

  2. Hey,
    thanks for this reminder. I have been letting myself get a bit out of balance recently…I’m normally good at all of these but have let the meditation, diet and exercise go a little…I realised the other day I sometimes think of meditation and exercise as ‘luxuries’…not on a conscious level but an underlying thought I have…time to sort that out!

    1. @Jen,

      Hello Jen, I hope you’re doing well…thanks for taking the time to comment….I think on some level we’re ALL guilty of letting a few of these items slip….

      I think the key is to put together a daily plan that includes these items…planning is critical…have a good one….

    2. good point – i think thats is why i can’t get a routine going – because i see meditation, diet and exercise as not getting things done but as an indulgence of myself and an inconvenience for others

  3. Thanks!

    Do you have any tips on actually taking action and getting things moving? Sometimes I feel I know that I need to take these steps but it’s easier to keep going through the motions of the past…which keeps me in the ‘same place’.

    1. @Phoenix,

      Great Question….I would begin by selecting only “one” area that you want to improve over the next 30 days….

      Step 1: Make the decision to change (everything starts with a decision)
      Step 2: Document what your new goal is (you’re much more likely to accomplish a goal that is written down)
      Step 3: Write down a “simple” easy to follow daily plan (failing to plan is, planning to fail), and put it where you will see it everyday
      Step 4: Commit to follow the plan for the next 30 days, this is enough time to create the habit, once the habit is created, you can move on to another item…

      1. @Mr. Self Development,

        Thanks again!

        I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question in a simple yet detailed way. It’s information I’ve seen and heard before but haven’t seriously applied in my life. I’m am/have been a chronic procrastinator!However now I am coming to a point in my life where I feel insprired to take action and will be applying your tips to get moving forward.

    1. @Kent @ The Financial Philosopher,

      I certainly agree with that….when you’re not content, you’re not in resonance with real happiness and joy…you’re looking for happiness in all the wrong places…

      Any other additions from anyone else?

    1. @na,

      These tips were NOT designed to give you a “brand new life”…but to encourage you to be a little better….to push you a little harder to improve your life….

      LIFE is what you make it!!! These tips weren’t designed to make you “happy”….happiness is a decision that “you” have to make for yourself…

      If you focus your thoughts on negative situations, then life will suck, but if you make the decision to celebrate and focus only on the positive (the fact that you have your sight and can think, and grow; the fact that you are among the living, etc.) your attitude will change. Things are never as bad as they seem…

      …I wrote an article on my web site called “Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People” you should probably read it…..

      In concluding thanks for taking the time to comment, negative feedback is very valuable….I’m grateful that you’ve given me this gift today…

  4. Hey Mr. SD….what a great article!!! Reading is something I do need to work on a little more. The more you read the more you know RIGHT! So thanks for inspiring me to read more. I think that was an excellent point. Keep up the great articles and look forward to reading your next one. Thanks again, Tammy

  5. Meditation, daily reading and wokring out is the keys to life. I will open your mind to thoughts of success, increased focus, productivity and peace of mind. Hapiness will not be too far away as long as you keep your mind focused on how to think positive daily. We all have days where things just seem to go wrong. When that occurs take some time aside and just meditate. Meditation not only create harmoney within your mind, but allow you too reach a different level of consciousness millions cannot fully understand. Having harmony with yourself is all you need in the end.

    “Know thy self”

  6. Thanks for the inspiring post!

    I’m currently solidifying my commitment to daily meditation and reading, but could use some work on the other three. Thank you for the reminder to remain diligent!

  7. Great article! I love the eclectic reading suggestion. So true!

    By the way, don’t beat yourself up about not working out 7 days a week! One day off isn’t a bad thing. It let’s your body recover!

  8. Hi Mr SD – good points .. the reading .. there are lots of good things to read – different approaches to life .. we have a summary magazine here on the newspapers – The Week – which I know is in the States .. it has a little of everything in it; and I read Saga – an over 50s mag .. but they too have different articles. As you say it keeps you vaguely up to date, but also opens your eyes to creative ideas. The BBC too has some good ‘educational’ programmes .. and books to go with .. another source.

    I’ve just taken time out from seeing my mother every day in her Nursing Home as I needed to get some space, and I was working on something new .. so now as I go forward I must build in that 15 minutes of meditation and the exercise – walk from the Home so that I get back to exercising everyday. Food – fortunately that’s ok!

    Family and friends .. it’s fine if they switch their own communications off too!! Otherwise it isn’t quality .. it’s this constant multi- multi- tasking .. and it’s not adding value to anyone .. it can be so ephemeral .. adding value to the conversations and life in general – taking time to smile, laugh, enjoy this great life ..

    Thanks – that was a good reminder for us all ..
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  9. thanks for the post :)
    i would also llke to add few more tips,
    make new friends who are have a positive attitude because they will affect your mood and sleep well

  10. thanks for this post! i have made a few of these changes recently–meditating more, running in the mornings, & eating healthier (i’ve been vegan for a long time but only recently upped my veggies & fruits).

    about point 1: what i’m realizing lately is that i’ve actually felt better from reading LESS. i’ve been the kind of person who spends a lot lot lot of time reading books &, because of that, thinks about stuff more than actually does stuff. really, i’m not against reading; i would just mention that it’s possible to over do it, and i think it’s good for us to focus on action, going and doing what we really want–not just reading about it.

    1. @steve,

      Well said….I believe there is a time to read and a time to act…growth involves both…growth is a cycle…you learn…then you act….and then you learn some more…and then you act some more…if you just learn, learn, learn….then you’ll never get anything done…if you just act, act, act, then you never gain the wisdom of the people who have gone before you….so the key is “balance” in all we do…

  11. I really have to say… I love your blog! I stop by here as often as I can… and every single time I do I find some food for thought, something to put in my back pocket and take with me. Thank you!!

  12. Dear sir,
    My greatest problem is that i get negative very easily by any negative comments targeted on me and think that after that situation has passed away. I have become vry sensitive type of person.
    I want changes in my life to overcome all these negativities and enjoy my life the way i aspire to be.
    Please suggest how to make myself charged and ready to take challenges in life positively.

    Awaiting your reply,

  13. We have the quality in ourself that will work for us as well as others too..But sometimes due to lots of reasons we feel like improving our life….
    Take a break.. break from the usual things.. try to write something that you like.. enjoy rain.. feed the dog who barks on your road…innovate a poem even if it sucks…. smile on your mistakes as u’l learn from it…

  14. There are so many wonderful ways to make possitive changes. I really enjoyed reading and wll come back here. positive thinking is what I love to read and write about.

  15. You really mention the most important points: read more, learn to meditate, work out, improve your diet. One also should decide what area of his life he wants to improve and make a plan about how and when to do it, as one can’t do everything that has to be done to improve all he wants to improve at once.

  16. 1. I don’t find reading to be fulfilling at all. I find it boring. I think you’re just pushing your interests on others and telling them it’s fulfilling when all it does is make them fall asleep.

    2. I used to be a buddhist, and I got really into it too. But when I look back, meditation was nothing but a waste of time. Plus it’s incredibly uncomfortable to sit in a lotus position like that. But I do appreciate a bit of quiet time. That being said, I don’t find quiet time to be fulfilling at all.

    3. When I was 14 I went to the gym literally everyday. And I did this until I was sixteen. There’s nothing fulfilling about going to the gym or working out. Again, I think you’re pushing your interests on others and telling them it’s fulfilling.

    4. I consider spending time with people you connect with to be fulfilling. I agree completely. It makes me feel happy to spend time with people I connect with.

    5. I’ve seen heavy drinkers and snokers live a very fulfilling life. I never touched either and my life isn’t all that great.

  17. I think changing your life is a constant consideration – not a one off event –

    1. Reading = education. It is not the reading that will change your life it is the education you receive from reading. Education expands your mind and gets you a better job. Enroll in a course.
    step 1 – look up courses – step 2 enroll- step 3 – do it. Attend.

    2. Exercise and Diet – Your body is your temple and you need to look after it. Without your health you have nothing. exercise and a good diet =health. Health gives us the ability to stay mobile agile and do the things we want. I exercise weight training and cardio 3 times a week. No more than that – because everything in balance and everything requires time. Gardening is great exercise and can give you an interest well into your old age – and it is good for your soul.

    3. Do what you want to do – I think this is the hardest thing to change. We now have so many demands on our time and money. Just Start. One step at a time. Go for a coffee with a friend. go to the pictures. Go for a walk. take the kids on a picnic to the park. Want to go on a holiday – step 1 get a brochure. step 2 pic a holiday and how much. step 3 save the money. step 4 book and go.
    Don’t say I can’t afford it so you never look OR be spontaneous. I have the x$, I have 3 days spare – I can go there – book it and go !

    4. Choose to be happy. If you are not lying in bed dying of some dreadful disease you are doing ok.

    Be happy with what you have and determined to get what you want. Go for it.

    Get out the rut and change your life – one day at time – one thing at a time .

    People can be self-defeatists – they will not even look or try because they are scared of failure or give up before the finish because they were ‘going to lose anyway’.

    If your life is shit – why? and what the ### are you going to do about it !!

    off my soapbox now. :)

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