What Are You Doing That’s Different?

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“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” — E.M. Gray

I write this having just returned from an early morning run. The local neighborhood looked beautiful covered in a thin layer of snow, but as you would expect I had the streets to myself at 5.30am.

Waking early has come to symbolize my personal development journey. I have gone from a person who would continually hit the snooze button to one who happily wakes at 5am most days. Some mornings are harder than others but, yes, I honestly do enjoy waking at 5am (although it took some adjusting to). Why? Because the morning is my time. It is the time I get to work on myself, write for this blog and visualize the path I want my life to take.

As I ran the lonely streets this morning, I had an inner feeling that I am doing things right. Part of the reason why relates to the fact that I am following a path most people choose not to take – the “road less traveled” as it is often called. I want to squeeze as much out of each and every day as possible.

I know waking early isn’t for everyone, but there are endless ways in which you can be different from the majority of people, and in doing so break away from the pack. Some ideas include:

  • Watch little to no television
  • Exercise regularly and eat incredibly well
  • Be devoted to excellence in everything you do
  • Have a strong bias towards taking action
  • Create something unique
  • Be a positive and passionate person
  • Chase your dreams
  • Take the time to build and nurture relationships
  • Be masterful at managing your time
  • Continually focus on adding value to the lives of other people

So then, my question for today is: what are you doing that’s different from the majority of people that has you on the path to success?

Photo by Nadine Heidrich