change the world

How to Change the World

change the world

In a previous post, I alluded to the idea that what we experience is a kind of echo of our inner world. In this post, I would like to explore this idea a little further.

Those who act on the world never, I notice, succeed. The world is a strange instrument, not meant to be handled.

This stanza from the Tao Te Ching suggests that to attempt to change the world is never a wise thing to do. Of course, people try to control the world all the time – we try to control our kids, our parents, our spouses, our careers, our health … this list goes on.

Eight Little Ways to Change the World For the Better

change the world

One of my biggest hopes in life is that I will make a difference. I’d like this world to be a little better because I was in it.

However, “change the world” isn’t an easy item to put on a to-do list. Where do you even begin?

Here are eight great ways to change the world for a better. They’re all fairly quick – all things you could do today. Which will you pick?

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