comfort zone

Lessons I Learned from Outside My Comfort Zone

outside my comfort zone

I used to play it safe. I spent years upon years living in a city I didn’t like, working in a job I loathed, and dating men who didn’t know how to love.

Essentially, I was flatlining.

Yet I stayed there – in that city, in that job, and in that relationship – because it was comfortable; it was safe.

How to Grow Outside Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Growth doesn’t tend to happen when we’re feeling comfortable. In order to really change, we need to grow outside our comfort zone.

But when we’ve found something which is easy and which works, we want to carry on doing more of the same … it’s difficult to take a step into the unknown, or the uncomfortable. We convince ourselves we’re making progress (perhaps working slowly up the ladder at work, passing the next test in school, writing another blog article) – but we secretly know we’re not growing.

I’m going to think about three questions below:

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