Why You Should Blog

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Why start a blog? Here are 5 reasons:

1. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree. Writing is a great way to generate ideas and clarify your thoughts about both your inner and outer worlds. Of course, consider privacy issues before airing any dirty laundry online.

2. It Can Potentially Be A Source of Income

Many people are making money from blogging. For some, it is a small amount each month to help pay the bills. For others, blogging equals big dollars. In his article How to Make Money From Your Blog, Steve Pavlina says that he makes $1000 per day (and that was as of 10/29/06 – it bet it is a lot more than that now). I recommend the aforementioned article for anyone interested in learning more on this topic.

3. It is a Great Way to Network and/ or Make New Friends

Blogging about a particular topic naturally brings other people who are interested in the same topic to your site. Some of these people will be idiots. Most, however, will be good people and it is quite likely you will make friends with some of them over time.

4. It’s Creative

Everyone should have a creative outlet. I think it is important to realize, though, that there are many ways to be creative (don’t just think of traditional forms such as painting and drawing). Blogging can potentially be very creative, whether you are adding some personal touches to a theme or writing an article in a creative manner.

5. It’s Free and Easy

If you want to get blogging, it is as easy as heading to blogger.com or wordpress.com and signing up (this shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes). These free services will put a “.blogspot.com” or “.wordpress.com” in the URL so may want to spend $7 to register your own domain name (namecheap is a good service for this).

Personally, I use the WordPress software available from wordpress.org (not “.com”). For my hosting, I use Mediate Temple who I highly recommend.

For the bloggers out there, why do you blog?