Why You Should Start a Blog

why start a blog

Why start a blog? Here are 5 good reasons:

1. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree. Writing is a great way to generate ideas and clarify your thoughts about both your inner and outer worlds. Of course, consider privacy issues before airing any dirty laundry online.

2. It Can Potentially Be A Source of Income

Many people are making money from blogging. For some, it is a small amount each month to help pay the bills. For others, blogging equals big dollars. In his article How to Make Money From Your Blog, Steve Pavlina says that he makes $1000 per day (and that was as of 10/29/06 – it bet it is a lot more than that now). I recommend the aforementioned article for anyone interested in learning more on this topic.

3. It is a Great Way to Network and/ or Make New Friends

Blogging about a particular topic naturally brings other people who are interested in the same topic to your site. Some of these people will be idiots. Most, however, will be good people and it is quite likely you will make friends with some of them over time.

4. It’s Creative

Everyone should have a creative outlet. I think it is important to realize, though, that there are many ways to be creative (don’t just think of traditional forms such as painting and drawing). Blogging can potentially be very creative, whether you are adding some personal touches to a theme or writing an article in a creative manner.

5. It’s Free and Easy

If you want to get blogging, it is as easy as heading to wordpress.com and signing up (this shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes).

Personally, I use the WordPress software available from wordpress.org (not “.com”). For my web hosting, I use Mediate Temple who I’ve had a good experience with.

For the bloggers out there, why did you start a blog?

23 thoughts on “Why You Should Start a Blog”

  1. James: yep, that is a great one! I love the idea of being able to reach a global audience. The whole “I will change your life” thing is mainly to grab attention, but I have received enough positive comments on this blog to know that through my words I am helping some people live better lives.

    Dan and Jennifer: that is very inspiring! I have held back on monetizing the site, but when the time is right I will put some ads up and hopefully… maybe… I can make a few dollars to help get me through life. And yes, since blogging I have found a passion for writing and helping people that I never knew was in me….

  2. I especially agree with the 3rd point. I’ve gotten to know a lot of cool people since I started my blog. It’s been a great experience.

    One thing I would like to add. At least for me, the whole blogging experience has helped me learn more. In thinking of ideas and reading up for inspiration, it’s trained me to see things in a new light. And I’ve learned a lot for the articles and blogs I’ve read, such as yours.

  3. Excellent point Derrick! I know exactly what you mean. I now read with a real sense of purpose because I know I may come across something I want to share on here. I am also a lot more observant of life (so I have material for my rants….. ha ha ha :) )

  4. Blogging really helped me unclog my brain. To think that I could put pen to my thoughts and publish it into a virtual world was incredible. Very therapeutic. Thanks for the great article.

  5. Blogging for me was simply transferring my once daily journal writing into a format that I thought others could relate to. I used to journal about the same things I blog about now, only instead of asking myself questions, I try to use the blog as a way to not only ask the question about life, but find solutions as well. Connecting to people is the biggest reason that I blog… Nice post, Peter. :)

  6. It certainly does Jean. I originally used blogger and registered my domain using Namecheap. Then I started to feel the constraints of blogger so I switched to wordpress. I knew nothing about hosting at that time, and originally went for the cheapest deal possible. I learned very quickly that a good host is worth paying a bit extra for.

    That said, it is costing me very little for my first year with Dreamhost because I used a coupon (as mentioned in the article). Hosting costs will go up after a year – but by then I hope to be making enough to easily cover those costs :) .

  7. I started blogging while in the Army, but after returning home I had the opportunity to go back and reflect on many things as well as realize that I loved to write.

    Since then I have started a few different blogs and been learning to make a few dollars from them. Just enough to cover hosting fees and such.

    I’ve added this blog to my rss feed. thanks for putting it together!

  8. Thanks Koka. I just finished having a look at your site – you have some great articles on there. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to be in Iraq – and to think your return home was delayed (I just finished watching the video). I’ve added you to my RSS as well – I look forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

  9. Hi Peter – My experience is similar to that of Dan and Jennifer – only without the income! I thought I’d start blogging to get a feel for having a presence of the net, in preparation for promoting a book I’d almost finished. Twelve months on, I’m still enjoying blogging – and I’m sure I’ll get the book completed one day…

  10. Great post. I started thinking that I loved to write and maybe I could share a few worthwhile ideas. Already I have met new friends, and read several excellent blogs. I love the give-and-take of blogging, and whether I make money or not, it’s something I will continue doing. :0)

  11. So true! It can be such a creative outlet and so therapeutic. It’s a great way to experiment with your thoughts, styles, art if you are not afraid of what others think and just let go. And breaking through that fear is so therapeutic in itself!

  12. My Blog is the book I never wrote! Perhaps the content will fill up a book or 2 on Track and Field and/or Coaching. The Adsense revenue helps our Club’s travel expenses.

  13. This is a great article. When my friends ask me why I started blogging, I forward them here.

    You touched on it, but the reason I blog is that it makes self-analysis and self-improvement conscious. What a wonderful thing.

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