The 5 Keys to Transformational Success

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What separates the average person, from the super successful?  I’ve spent most of my life uncovering the differences between the mighty and the mundane.  I’ve discovered the following 5 keys which cause the great, to be great.  I believe if you practice these keys they will literally transform your mind and your life.

5 Keys to Transformational Success

1. Meditation, Affirmation, and VisualizationEvery successful person I know either meditates, visualizes, or makes affirmations. If you want to see transformational change in your life, begin by taking 15 minutes to meditate, affirm and visualize the life you desire.  This doesn’t work because of its strange “mystical” powers; it works because it reprograms your thinking.   “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Meditation, affirmation and visualization give you the “motivation” to make your thoughts a realization.  Motivation is another word for “energy,” nothing great is ever achieved without first having a vision, and the “energy” to see it realized.

If you’re going to transform your life, you must begin by transforming your thoughts (this is why you must meditate, affirm and visualize).  To-the-degree that you transform your thoughts will be to-the-degree that you transform your life.  Taking time to mediate, affirm and visualize is the perfect way to consciously decide what thoughts will occupy your mind.  In order to be great you must think great thoughts.  Don’t think that you will eventually be great, begin to think that you are great now, and greatness will follow.

2. ReadingOnce your mind has been expanded it never returns to its original state. I enjoy reading or listening to audiobooks daily because it stretches my mind with new ideas and new perspectives.  Do you realize that by spending three or four hours reading a book, you can literally pick someone’s brain.  What took them 20 years to learn through trial and error you can learn in a few hours, you can access their best ideas for a few dollars and a few hours.

You have daily access to the most intelligent and most successful people in the world through reading.  They say, birds of a feather flock together, maybe you can’t hangout with the super successful yet, but by reading their ideas, you are hanging-out with them, and you will become like them.  Daily reading will stretch your mind and will assist you on your path to transformational change.

3. StudyingIt’s not enough to just read. Don’t learn the tricks of your trade, master your trade.  In order to have transformational success, you’re going to have to decide to be the best at whatever you do.  In order to be the best at what you do, you’re going to have to study the very best.  You can’t cheat or skim your way to transformational success; you’re going to have to put in the time to get the results.  Study what the “masters” study, obsess over the details, and you will become a master.

4. Pursuing Your PassionThe decision to follow your love. Do you know anyone who’s very successful who’s doing a job they hate? …Think of anyone who is famous or really successful, there’s a subject that their passionate about.  Donald Trump, real estate; Bill Gates, computers; Michael Jordan, basketball; anyone who’s successful can be summed up by their passion.  How do people sum you up?  Is there a word that comes to mind when people think of you.  If you’re successful there is?

5. Emptying YourselfThe decision to go to your grave empty. To empty yourself means to discover your purpose, and to dedicate your life to fulfilling that one purpose.  If you dedicate your life unreservedly to fulfilling one specific purpose, you will accomplish it.  There’s a quote that goes something like, you can do anything, but not everything.  No one can ride two horses well.  Determine what your life’s passion is, and empty yourself into this passion.  This will define you, and transform your life!

These are the steps to transformational change, make a note of them and be sure to implement them today.  Thank you for reading.

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