5 Sure Ways to Find Happiness for Free

happiness for free

They say there is no free lunch. But the title of this post suggests that there can be sources of happiness that are absolutely free!

It is true that one can get happiness for free as it is not a commodity. Happiness is a feeling and largely depends upon one’s thoughts and reactions. Most important things that one seeks in life are all free of cost. Blessings of parents, happiness and values for children, peace in life, trust on spouse, harmony in community, happiness in personal life, all these things are absolutely priceless and cost nothing at all.

The following ways are sources that give us abundant joy for free. Not that there is anything new or different about them but just that sometimes in our busyness and stress we ignore them. This post is simply a reminder of some of the life’s best gifts.

1. Watch Nature’s Wonders

Stargazing at night, counting shooting stars, watching a sun rise or a sunset are some of the most common yet highly overlooked ways of seeking divine peace. Some people are fortunate to live in places that offer these lovely views. I live on a Island and thus I get numerous opportunities to watch sunrise or sunset at a beach. But then I am not lucky enough to see many pearls in the night sky! Choose your way and appreciate it. Each time you do it, you would feel you are luckier than many others who do not get a chance to see such views and also remember that people spend thousands of dollars to get one glimpse of a beautiful night or sun rise or sunset.

2. Do Something Different

If you have not cooked before, cook an exotic dish. Try to do embroidery on a handkerchief, do a pedicure/manicure spa to yourself at home, rearrange furniture at home, make a handi craft, do some exercise, play tennis or any sport that have not played in long time or just take a day off if your entire stock of casual leave is lying still. You can even plant a plant! The idea is to do something that you have not done in long time. And that you always thought was boring or beyond your capacity.

3. Give a Gift to Someone 

I remember an incident where a young facility girl in my office looked at a brand new bangle that I was wearing and smilingly said, ‘didi, this is very beautiful’. I smiled back and gave it to her. She hesitated in accepting it but I told her to accept it as a gift from me. She happily did. She immediately adorned it and it looked much more beautiful on her slender wrist than mine. Watching her fiddle with it gave me a joy that can not be expressed. Later on, whenever I went to the water point to fill my water bottle and I saw a queue or if I had to wait, she would come up and say, ‘didi, I will fill your bottle. You can go to your seat’. That was her sweet gift to me. The gifts do not have to be things in kind or expensive materials. They can be anything from a poem, compliment to a lift in the car or sharing your favourite pizza or drink.

4. Engage in Happy Activities

There are many activities that are said to be happy in nature. I call them ‘Happy Activities’. Playing with kids, watching movies, having dinner together, reading a book, watering plants and much more. It does not cost anything to get involved in such activities though it boosts your spirits like nothing before. On the other hand, if you think any of your family members or friends or neighbours is stressed or sad, try to engage them in the acts and lift up their moods.

5. Indulge in Nothingness

Many a times, all we want is nothing. No phone calls, no walks, no food, no drinks, no kids, nothing! And it is absolutely alright. If this is what you want on some particular day, have it. Enjoy the nothingness. Lie down quietly and dream. Sit on a beach and hear the waves. Stand near a railing and watch the traffic passing by. In fact, every once in a while we all must do ‘nothing’. The only point is that we should enjoy it.

This list can be endless. Our lives are filled with trillions of such treasures that do not affect our bank accounts but enrich our hearts with true fulfilment and happiness.

Photo by Mitya Kuznetsov

22 thoughts on “5 Sure Ways to Find Happiness for Free”

  1. very interesting post Surabhi
    its amazing how happiness can be near us and yet we dont realize
    sometimes small things can make us happy but we just need to keep an open eye
    thank you:)

    1. Farouk,

      Thanks. I am glad you liked it. And yeah! so true.. sometimes we have things around us but still keep looking for them. It happens with me too.

      If I am sad or annoyed with something I overlook so many things that can uplift my moods immediately.

      But slowly I am improving on this and now I dont lose much of my time in ranting and instead enjoy the beauty.

  2. This post is absolutely fabulous. I worry a lot about money and how I can afford to have entertainment on the weekends and such, and this helps me remember that the best blessings are completely free.

    Thank you Surabhi!!

    1. Yeah Anna.. and I wrote this post keeping my sister in mind. She has just one thing to talk about – how much money she needs to fulfill some of her needs!

      And I tell her the same thing – dont waste your time and ignore other valuable things around for money and unnecessary worries.

  3. There is so much to be happy with. Take a time out, soak it in and enjoy. If you are bored, change your routine, shake it up a little. Thanks for the reminder.
    be good to yourself

  4. Enjoyed this post, Surabhi!

    Happiness is a serious subject. People act and live better and even treat their kids better when they’re happy. You provided some great tips for enhancing happiness in the moment.

    Thanks for a great post on an important topic!

  5. Great post! I love the gift giving suggestion – of course as long as nothing as expected in return. Otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose. But yes, there’s something powerful that propagates well beyond the initial good deed when it comes to giving!

  6. Surabhi – I believe happiness is freely available to us all, if we change our thoughts we can change the world.

    Obviously it’s not always that easy as we get caught-up in the day to day, and I liked the ideas in your post. Keep writing about happiness, it’s important stuff :)

  7. Great post. I think making sure we take time out of our busy lives to find happiness is only going to help ourselves in the long run. Without happiness its hard to keep that daily motivation going.

  8. Hello Surabhi,
    I find your point of view very interesting and correct. I think that there are many sources of happiness around us but we ignore them. We are used to live and think like robots and we don’t take into account the tiny things that can definitely make us feel good and happy. We forget very easily the meaning of life. We usually follow other people’s path because we are afraid of following our own path. Unfortunately, many of us usually consider that situation when something bad happens to them or to somebody very close to them.
    Thank you for sharing that.

  9. Lenia,

    Thanks for agreeing with me on this. You are right. What works for one doesnt necessarily work for another.. we should focus on our way and not follow the race.

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