Kirsten Long

Kirsten Long is passionate about personal transformation and shares her experiences and insights on her blog . Kirsten’s main focus is helping people on their journey towards Self Mastery. Because she is grateful to Peter and TheChangeBlog for this opportunity, she is offering you a Workbook for Eliminate Limiting Beliefs. Check out the LimitingBeliefs Page, drop your emails address and you’ll be able to download the work book.

10 Ways to Break Free of Limiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs break free

“I existed in a world that never is – the prison of the mind.” – Gene Tierney

Have you ever been inside a prison? Have you ever felt the anxiety of doors clanging shut behind you? Even as a regular visitor into prisons I often feel the anxiety and claustrophobia. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be an inmate…

Motivation is a Luxury

motivation is a luxury

My heart sank. I couldn’t believe my alarm was ringing. It can’t be 5am already, it can’t. I really don’t feel like this. I snuggled deeper into my duvet, imagining the cold I would feel when I got up. I really, REALLY don’t feel like this. After a few minutes, I slumped out of bed with a sigh. A while later I was doing what I really, REALLY didn’t feel like doing. Gym.

Later that day, I received a call from someone who wanted me to give a presentation to a group of people. Sure, I said. I put the phone down and realised that I could start preparing straight away. “But, I don’t feel like it”, I said to myself, and promptly starting going through my emails. This time I let myself off the hook even though it was the perfect opportunity to get going.

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