Kirsten Long

Kirsten Long is passionate about personal transformation and shares her experiences and insights on her blog . Kirsten’s main focus is helping people on their journey towards Self Mastery. Because she is grateful to Peter and TheChangeBlog for this opportunity, she is offering you a Workbook for Eliminate Limiting Beliefs. Check out the LimitingBeliefs Page, drop your emails address and you’ll be able to download the work book.

Motivation is a Luxury

motivation is a luxury

My heart sank. I couldn’t believe my alarm was ringing. It can’t be 5am already, it can’t. I really don’t feel like this. I snuggled deeper into my duvet, imagining the cold I would feel when I got up. I really, REALLY don’t feel like this. After a few minutes, I slumped out of bed with a sigh. A while later I was doing what I really, REALLY didn’t feel like doing. Gym.

Later that day, I received a call from someone who wanted me to give a presentation to a group of people. Sure, I said. I put the phone down and realised that I could start preparing straight away. “But, I don’t feel like it”, I said to myself, and promptly starting going through my emails. This time I let myself off the hook even though it was the perfect opportunity to get going.

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