Samuel McCree

Samuel "Gentoku" McCree is a Mindfulness Based Personal Trainer and Happiness Coach living in Portland, OR. He trained for over 2 years at Great Vow Zen Monastery and now strives to help people transform their lives through mindfulness and movement. He is a thought leader of a new and fast growing community of people who are harnassing the powers of fitness and the mind.  His blog about fitness, mindfulness, and transformation can be found at He also has created a special offer just for Change Blog Readers.

How I Overcame the Torturous Choice Between Doing Work and Slacking Off.

work torture

Sometimes I’d rather claw my own eyes out then sit down and start working. You might think this is because I have some faceless soulless factory job. Or that I’m merely a cog in the corporate machine but I’m not. I run my own business. I set my own schedule. And I love what I do. Despite all this, just getting started is one of the hardest things I do all day.

This is what work morning looks like. I’m sitting at my house after breakfast or a run. I open my computer where I have a list of things I’d like to get done today, this week, this year, and this lifetime. I look at the list and begin to formulate what I want to do first. Then all of a sudden, as if hordes of Mongols have invaded my brain, I think of some decadently lazy thing I could do.

This Story Doesn’t End the Way You Think It Will

this story

I reached up and rubbed my eyes. The glare from the screen stung them fiercely and I was developing an epic crick in my neck. I had redesigned this poster maybe 10 – 15 times. I put the final touches on it, printed it out, and took it to be approved. “It looks too sad,” she said to me with the calm demeanor of a Zen master.

“But the event is about medical professionals that need relief from stress and grief. I used this picture because I thought they would identify with a picture of a doctor who looks worn out.” I replied. “I understand that, but it still looks too sad.” That was all she had to say. I knew there was no point in arguing with her further. Once she made up her mind it wasn’t worth arguing about. So, I went back to my desk and started to work on a new revision.