Waves of Emotion


There has always been an undercurrent of anxiety running through my life. Even though I am a pretty laid back guy, I find it hard to sit still or just be. Over time, I’ve become used to my anxiety. Like a refrigerator that runs quietly in the background, sometimes it’s not until it starts making noises that you notice it.

Surfing was one such noise that reminded me of my anxiety. Here’s how it reared its ugly head and and how I kept it at bay…

Reducing Anxiety: The 5 Personal Philosophies That Changed My Life

reducing anxiety

I think I left the house just a dozen times during my 5 consecutive years as an anxious recluse. This withdrawal from the world occurred during my twenties soon after I had finished college when I found myself at the mercy of multiple anxiety disorders.

Anxiety had been something I’d suffered from since childhood but the loss of the stable framework that education had provided left me suddenly adrift and directionless. Intense fear filled my mind every hour of every day, and soon I was plummeting into a downward spiral of acute anxiety and depression.

My parent’s home offered a retreat from reality which seemed like a blessing at first but which later turned into a self-imposed prison of isolation and excuses, which was very hard to escape.

How to Stop Worrying Now

how to stop worrying

Do you often find yourself worrying a lot? If so, you are not alone. I used to be a big time worrier.

I would worry constantly about things that would usually never happen. Time and time again it has happened to me. For example, here are some of the things I would worry about: How a visit would go before my company arrived; If I would get into a car accident before entering into rush hour traffic; If I would run into someone that I wasn’t on good terms with. I would also worry about “bigger” things like:

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