56 Reasons to Fiercely Embrace Life

embrace life

Life is grand, full of magic, hope and possibility.

However, sometimes it’s hard to see how lucky and fortunate we are to be here. We get so caught up in our daily stresses that we completely forget how awe-inspiring and miraculous living really is. We go through the motions, get in a rut and are busy putting out one fire after the next in an attempt to keep our lives in balance.

Yet, drama happens all the time.

Our projects don’t work out, our businesses aren’t going the way we had hoped for, our relationships experience troubles, the economy is bad, politicians let us down and life is just not the way it’s supposed to be.

It’s easy then to get sucked into a spiral of self-doubt and weariness. It’s easy to loose hope, feel listless and ready to just give up.

Speaking from experience, I know how destructive these feelings can be and how easily they overshadow your entire world. But if you take a moment to breathe, open your eyes and see, just see, all the marvels of this world, it’s hard not to be speechless, feel grateful and happy to be alive.

Since I know I’m not the only one who sometimes lacks inspiration, I created the following list of reasons to love being alive, living on this beautiful planet and sharing these times with so many incredible fellows.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. The roar of the ocean on a windy day.

2. Receiving help in unexpected ways.

3. The wistful longings of a heart in love

4. Hearing my grandfather express his undying love for my grandma (OK, that’s a very personal one, but I couldn’t not mention it).

5. Hearing the soulful sounds of music that go straight to your heart.

6. Experiencing the beating of your heart after a long, hard workout.

7. The touch of your mom lovingly going through your hair.

8. The belly-laughter experienced when you’re with great friends.

9. The promises of a new day when watching the sunrise.

10. Witnessing the genius of writers who work magic with their words.

11. The excitement in the eyes of your favorite pet when coming home.

12. The sheer joy of seeing friends long lost.

13. Seeing a loved one succeed in life.

14. A blue blue sky.

15. The work of photographers that portray a model’s soul.

16. Tasting the sweet deliciousness of chocolate.

17. The wonderful aroma of coffee beans.

18. The safety of being wrapped into your loved one’s arms.


Photo by maewe

19. The freedom of knowing that you’re worthy of love.

20. The delight in sharing your wisdom and knowledge with others.

21. The pleasure of feeling the sun on your face or the wind in your hair.

22. Feeling the melancholy that comes with winter deep in your heart.

23. Seeing the beauty of white, white snow glistering in the sun.

24. Experiencing the warmth streaming through your body when drinking a hot chocolate on an ice-cold day.

25. The wonder of exploring new places and worlds.

26. The look up in a star-filled sky that puts life and the world into perspective.

27. Seeing the innocence in a toddler’s eyes.

28. Experiencing the trust of true friends.

29. The awe-inspiring performances of world-class athletes.

30. Listening to the beautiful sounds of Mozart’s genius.

31. The growth as a person on every single day.

32. The beautiful smell of the air after heavy rain.

33. The powerful realization that your potential is limitless.


Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

34. The thrill of speaking foreign languages.

35. Tuning into the miraculous workings of our bodies.

36. The luscious green of the rain forest.

37. Falling into your bed after a long and hard day.

38. The refreshing feeling of putting on freshly washed clothes.

39. Experiencing the humbling feeling of seeing friends have your back

40. The empowerment of getting yourself out of a mess.

41. Spending a day in bed with breakfast and a captivating book.

42. The pride of holding an Asana for the very first time.

43. The first signs of spring after a long, cold winter.

44. The first signs of fall after a hot summer.

45. The breathtaking view out of an airplane’s window.

46. Witnessing two people promising to stay together all of their lives.

47. Finally figuring out what you’re truly hungry for.

48. Giving to others and experiencing their joy.

49. Seeing ordinary people change the course of humanity.

50. Listening to the wealth of wisdom shared by your grandparents.

51. A cold shower on a brutally hot summer day.

52. The overwhelming feeling of seeing the Grand Canyon for the very first time.

53. The grace of ballet dancers floating across the stage.

54. Falling in love with your glorious body.

55. Coming home.

56. The realization that life, after all, is immeasurably valuable.

What are your reasons to lovingly and fiercely embrace life?

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44 thoughts on “56 Reasons to Fiercely Embrace Life”

  1. Wow. Great list. Thank you for sharing. Helped keep my day on track. I think my favorites are :
    *The look up in a star-filled sky that puts life and the world into perspective.
    *Seeing a loved one succeed in life.
    *Seeing ordinary people change the course of humanity.

    Dan Garner

    1. I love the list. What a wonderful reminder of all that we should appreciate about life. In my list Sophie I would like to include meeting treasures like you who remind us of the good things in life. I would add to my list . The feeling of honour and love when we are able to help someone in less fortunate circumstances.As a person with a disability I would also add the thrill of the discovery that our body can achieve something we didn’t realise it was capable of. like climb a hill or go an extra 20 minutes on the cross trainer.

      1. Bek, I’m so touched by what you wrote. It’s sooo essential to see the miracles our bodies lets us perform and I’m so happy that you’ve adopted this mindset. As an anorexia survivor, I have a kind of relationship to not being able to do everything I wanted to do and I can relate to the importance of being grateful for our bodies’ abilities.

  2. WOWWWWWWWWWW i love this list. I do many things and never realized that its life is giving me and i should life for it. My god i m making posters of all these and hanging around in my room walls.
    thankssssss alot Anne – Sophie.

  3. 1. satisfaction of fullness by feeding animals.
    2. assurance of hands somewhere to help.
    3. purpose of givenness to give needy.
    4. declination of greediness by not snatching others opportunity.
    5. origination of sparkling to push hard regardless of situation.

  4. Really a fun list and helps to start the day! The list, in truth, could be endless. But, at some point you have to wrap it up and take on the day, right? :-)

    How about two more that are both related:

    * Waking up knowing you have a wonderful work project to immerse yourself in.

    * Simply doing work that you love day in and day out. Few things beat that connected feeling of serving your fellow human beings.

    Thanks again, Anne!

    1. That’s true, Carmelo. I actually have a list that I constantly update and I’m up to 400 points, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. :)

      I totally agree that serving others is awesome and one of those things that makes life absolutely worth it.

      1. Hahaha … hmmm, 400 don’t stop there! So Anne-Sophie, let’s go for a thousand. Nice website you have btw … now I know I can buy you a pair of shoes on your next b-day, huh? ;-)

  5. I love this list. Let me add a couple of my own.

    * The joy felt when small children are excited to see you and run to you for hugs.

    *The crunch of snow under your feet while walking in the silence of falling snow.

  6. I just want to thank whoever is responsible for this blog; i consistently look at it, often when restless, irritable, or discontent and it is always an inspiration for me to do and be better. thanks again.

    all the best

    David Shively: ‘Lifestyle Fitness S.D.’

  7. WOW! This email is the first thing I read this morning and it brought tears to my eyes, so true! Such a blessing…I needed to reflect and see this today. Thank you very very much!

  8. This is a great list, on more than one item I felt it deep inside. So for me it was a great way to start my day with a list of reason why I should be the happiest person on this planet. I’ve personally experienced some of these wonderful things myself and you just reminded me of that. Totally a great start to my day. Thanks!

  9. Wow….. just and embracing list which speaks to the heart of what we all need and can do for ourselves. After so much loss in my family this 1st year and the sudden death of my youngest Son, and now my oldest Son is lossing his vision to Leber’s Hereitary Optic Neuropathy, we need life has to have a new and fullfuling meaning to us and just getting back to pursueing the simple pleasures of life with oneanother and our own selves could bring us a lot of needed Peace and Love. I will forward , copy and share this cause I want people to embrace this attitude and use it more often than not.. Life is wonderfull and if I can do something to make a smile come atcha ya, I’m all for it.. Thanks

    1. Oh, Kathy, you have me sitting here in tears. I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t even fathom what you must’ve been going through and still are. I’m honored that this little post gave you a bit of inspiration and I’m sending you tons or love and strength.

  10. Dear Anne,

    Reading your article in very inspiring for me, and brought tears to my eyes.
    It is so comforting to realize that these wonderful things are:
    1. so simple and around us (almost )always
    2. can make our heart, if we let them, happy.

    This post is a helpful hand for me in this difficult time where I’m too often absorbed in negative thoughts and fears. Hey, this is just like your second thing in your list : “2. Receiving help in unexpected ways.” :) You gave me this unexpected help, so thank you a lot!

    I realy hope I will get out of my misery lake, I know it’s me that want to be there for some
    no -understandable reasons… and the most bad thing is that I’m afraid I am being bad for my partner. I have a right to feel miserable and make myself a one, but no right to do this for others…

    I’ll be grateful for a hug :)


    1. Hi Miri,

      I appreciate your openness. Yes, it’s true that we often stand in our own way of happiness and joy. We hold on to some mysterious beliefs or fears that make us miserable. But I’m sure you’ll find your way out, just take one step at a time. Maybe creating your own life list is a good step for you or ask your partner for help. Asking for help is just as awesome as receiving it, but we often are too proud to just do it, right?

      I’m sending you a big virtual hug.

  11. Hey Anne,

    Awesome post. I never thought you could draw inspiration from such simple things of life. We always tend to look at the things that aren’t in our control and let them affect our lives seldom realizing that happiness and inspiration lie in simple things like these. I have experienced 52 of the above mentioned reasons and let me tell you I felt inspired everytime, knowingly or unknowingly.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration you just made me love my life much more than I do.


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Aditya.

      You’re so right, we often overlook the “simple” things and chase after the big things, but life is made up of those little moments of joy. Here’s to many more tiny moments of happiness in life.

  12. That’s really so inspiring, I am so glad that I found this blog… From the first few reasons written above, I started to feel that : YES, Life’s GOOD !!! I was going through some bad times, while I have a lot of opportunities opening in front of me but I couldn’t seize them because I am feeling down and not inspired and incapable of using my chance… Now, it;s way better … Thank you !!!

    1. Constant inspiration is so important in life, Dan. We all have moments and phases where things aren’t going the way we want to. So, getting a bit of a perspective is never wrong. :)

  13. I’m looking up three blogs that really fit my life for a school project, and this one has stood out to me more than any of the tons of blogs my teacher has shown us.This blog definitely helped me see the good in life! It makes me want to try and be positive about everything that happens. Thank you! It’s so inspirational.

  14. There are some really good stuff on this list. Embracing life is a tough thing to do sometimes because of our routine and responsibilities. But just like everything else, embracing life is a habit that I have fallen into. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. I read and re-read this every time I’m in need of some positive energy. Thank you very much for sharing!

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