How to Use a Blog to Accomplish Any Goal

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A few months back I wrote a post here about why a blog is an excellent personal development tool. The other day I was watching the movie Julie and Julia (don’t ask), but because it was something that was the result of a blog, I was kind of curious about the story. I wanted to see if I could extract anything useful from watching it. What struck me about 30 minutes into the movie was the the main character set a goal, and used a blog to accomplish a goal. Sure, her goal was completely random, but it made me think that the process she followed might be a great formula for using a blog to accomplish any goal. In fact many blogs start because of an effort to accomplish some sort of goal.

Choose a goal: First you want to choose a goal. Your goal should be something that you can track or measure. It could be losing weight, learning an instrument, or whatever it is you want to do. For the sake of what I’m talking about, let’s use something like learning to play guitar. I can’t play the guitar, but I have played a musical instrument for an extended period in my life. Yep, I was a band geek.

Start Your Blog: Whatever platform you use for the purposes of this exercise doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to get advanced in terms of designing a site or even having your own domain.  You can get away with something as simple as a free typepad or blogger blog. I will say this however. Because the barrier to entry to using those platforms is so low, you might be more motivated to follow through if you go through a more difficult process to get started. Just some food for thought.

Start Writing: The first thing you’ll want to do is take some sort of action towards the goal. In the case of the guitar, let’s say you bought a guitar. That’s your first blog post. The strange thing is that you don’t have to take much action every day. Your next post could be about learning to play Twinkle Twinkle little star.  Take a little bit of action and write a post.

Review Your Progress: Blogs are interesting because they provide a forced mechanism to review your progress. You don’t write massive amounts, and it’s a small amount of effort on a consistent basis. As many personal development experts have said, reviewing your top goals every single day tends to propel us in the direction of our goals.

Make Note of The Evidence: Perhaps one of those most useful things about using a blog to accomplish any goal is that it enables you to make note of the evidence. Let’s say your goal is somewhat big and seems far off. For a large percentage of that time it will seem like there is no progress being made. A blog is a great way to break your goal up into bit size pieces and get there one brick at a time. In fact goals happen as a result of doing small things consistently. Additionally, you’ll be seeing the evidence that you are making frequent progress towards your goal.

Have a goal that you can’t figure out how to reach? Start a blog, take action towards the goal, write about it, and review the goal, and keep making note of the evidence (i.e. posting to your blog), until you’ve achieved your goal.

Have you used a blog to accomplish a goal? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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