How I Manifested My Sabbatical & Why It Changed My Life


“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

A couple of years ago, I was at a cross roads in my life. I was ready for a change, but I didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do. I felt lost and I needed some time to think. A time out from career and my life to be able to regroup and reevaluate so I decided to take a sabbatical.

The problem was, I had no idea where I was going to go or how I was going to manage to pull this off. Having struggled with finding my purpose for a number of years, I knew this was what I needed and so I was committed making it happen.

When I started telling people my plan, I was met with a lot of resistance and confusion.

“You’re taking three months off to travel? Why?”

“By yourself?”

“What’s a sabbatical? Who does this?”

“How do you plan to take three months off work and pay for this?”

“Your company won’t approve this. Then what are you going to do?”

“Where will you go?”

My answer was always the same “I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.”

And the truth was, I didn’t know. I had a mortgage, a career and a dog. How could I manage to take three months off to travel with all of these responsibilities?

This was in March and by May 25th, I was loaded in the car with my dog headed to Mexico for the next two and a half months.

This was my first experience with manifesting and it truly opened my eyes and changed my life. I learned so quickly that once you commit to something, I mean truly commit to it, it becomes a part of your story before it even happens.

I didn’t get hung up on the ‘how’, but instead I was committed to the ‘why’. This was something that I needed to for my own spiritual and mental wellbeing and knowing that brought me to the how.

And here is what transpired right before my eyes;

My boss and company recognized my value and dedication and granted me the time off quickly and without hesitation.

I listed my house for a short-term rental and received a bidding war that resulted in me receiving eight times what I originally asked. (There was an event being held in my city that I knew nothing about before booking my trip and visitors were desperate for places to stay for six out of my 10 weeks away.)

My trip and time off were now paid for.

I decided to bring my dog along so I knew it had to be drivable and on a beach. So I decided on La Paz, Mexico. It was easily accessible by car and didn’t have a lot of restrictions for bringing a dog.

I found and rented a simple house on the beach there for two months and enjoyed peace and serenity. I found myself.

The drive had me somewhat concerned to do alone, but my mom was also able to take two weeks vacation and did both rounds of driving along with me.

It was the most gratifying and fulfilling experience I have had in my life. But what I got out of the sabbatical and time off was much more than that.

It brought a whole new sense of awareness of what I am capable of creating and manifesting in my life.

If I can decide, plan and arrange for a three-month sabbatical in just under eight weeks, what else could I do?

It is such an empowering and freeing concept. To know that you hold full control over what can happen, once you simply commit to making it a reality.

The experience has brought me to whole new place in my life and I continue to learn and grow and challenge myself through manifesting.

So today I encourage you to do this. Imagine the one thing you want in your life right now. It can be as big and as bold as you want it to be. Close your eyes and imagine your life with whatever it is. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Who is with you? Imagine all of the details that come along with this idea. And now also imagine that it has already happened and you are living in that moment and that situation. And stay with that.

And remember my three golden rules for manifesting.

1. Focus. Visualize it like it has already happened. And each day ask yourself, what am I doing to contribute to my vision.

2. Don’t be swayed by naysayers. And trust me, there will be many.  Stay strong and don’t let them put doubt in your head.

3. Stay positive. Everything you have accomplished in your life was once just a thought. This too will become a reality for you.

What is your dream and when do you plan to start making that a reality?

Photo by Pedro Travassos

20 thoughts on “How I Manifested My Sabbatical & Why It Changed My Life”

  1. Hi Jodie, I loved reading your post and thought, “How brave!” It has to have been so empowering to do that. If you’ve ever read The 4 Hour Work Week, you already know how great it is to take your retirement in chunks throughout your life rather than wait until you are older and may have trouble physically enjoying yourself. You go, girl!

    1. Thanks Linda! It was SO empowering and I was so grateful for the experience. I’ll be honest that once it all fell into place this was some “what was I thinking?” thoughts that crept up. But fear always has a way of showing up to test our commitment.

      I have been trying to get a hold of the 4 Hour Work Week for a while now, but can’t get it locally. You brining it up just tells me to get on Amazon right now!

      Dream BIG! :)

  2. “I don’t know but I’ll figure it out.” I also ended up saying this to people when I left my career to travel (heck, I’m still saying it now). I found I could keep people at bay by telling them I was following my dream. It was true, and it is also one of those statements people have difficulty putting you down over. I’m sure they thought I was setting myself up for failure and that I was crazy, but nobody wanted to be the person to tell the crazy guy he shouldn’t follow his dream.

    1. Good for you for being brave and going for your dream, Tim. It’s not easy and it’s sure scary, but totally worth it. Not everyone goes for their dream, and I’m glad to know I’m not the only “crazy” one out there. :)

    1. Thanks Tara! When I realized what was happening with my house renting and the bidding war, I thought “OK universe…I can see I”m definitely on the right track. Thanks for letting me know!”

      The truth is, I think the universe is constantly giving us the signs were are on the right path. It’s just sometimes are eyes aren’t open wide enough to see them…

  3. This is so inspiring. I just got home from traveling between Europe and Asia with an incredible family for 4 months. I was so grateful the experience because it came to my life so randomly but I felt uneasy! I think it was because I needed to face some things about myself that needed to be addressed before I move on to the next level of my life.

    I wish to travel solo to discover more about myself too! I’ve got to make this happen. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting Tiara, and congrats on the great trip experience! One thing I can say without any hesitation, traveling alone is the most amazing and empowering experience one can ever experience. It pushes you to your limits sometimes and can make you really uncomfortable, but the benefits makes it so worth it.

      I wouldn’t trade any of my travel experiences (good or bad) for anything in this life.

      Make it happen! I promise, you will not be disappointed.

  4. Focusing on the ‘why’ and letting go the ‘how’ is a great point. It leaves the door open for the Universe to step in and provide something even better than if we try to do things all our way. Great post – thanks for sharing!

    1. Sandy thanks for pointing that out. The “why” is what gave me the courage and push I needed to make it happen. The “how” will figure itself out. That was the first time I witnessed it first hand, and it definitely rocked my world and gave me even more courage to make some major changes in my life.

      Waiting to always figure out how to make things happen will hold us back. Sometimes we just simply have to have a little faith that we are on the right track and let the universe do the rest.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my story!

  5. This story and this voice is what I needed to hear right now. Thank you!

    I think this stuff works when it’s in alignment with where life wants us to go (internally and externally). If we listen to that deep calling and then follow these steps life will support us all the way.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this Halina! I couldn’t agree with you more, and when we are in alignment with where we are supposed to be, the sets the rest up for us. And what I found out as well was that my intuition was guiding me to do this for a number of years, but it was my own fear holding me back. I have learned to listen to and trust my intuition much quicker now

      1. I resonate!
        In fact I was thinking about you this morning because this happened: I have this (old) idea of going to Brazil (I live in Denmark so it’s quite a trip), and didn’t quite make it happen yet, but spent some time visualizing it yesterday, inspired by your article. This morning I woke up with an intense desire to go to… The World Domination summit! It seems totally unrelated but it might just be a way to get me on the road (it’s sold out but I’ve added myself to the waiting list). Thanks again for the inspiration!!

        1. YES Halina! That’s so amazing and I’m so excited about this for you! The desire that you are feeling is your souls longing. You mentioned that this has been an “old” idea. Funny how those feelings don’t just go away in time, isn’t it? That’s because it’s your calling and you are meant to do this. Now you have committed to it and sent it to the Universe. Please continue to keep me updated on how this progresses for you and keep visualizing it every day! Shine on! :)

  6. Great post Jodie, very inspiring!

    A lot of people have fear surrounding that first step, and they put up a lot of barriers that prevent them from ever going after what they really want. They play it safe, and go for the ‘realistic’ option instead.

    Stories like yours are so important, to show people that there is another way. That they can choose themselves, and go after what they believe in, despite what all the naysayers say :)

    1. Thanks for your comments Luke! I too was surrounded by fear for a couple of years before I finally committed to changing my life, so I can definitely relate to why people choose comfortable. But I discovered that I couldn’t settle for the “realistic” option anymore. It wasn’t fulfilling me to take the safe choice, and quite honestly, my heart kept calling me to make the change, so I just listened.

      I also strongly believe that in order to find true happiness, it’s so vital to take a good hard look at what scares you the most. Usually there is a story there and we will never realize our full potential without some courage. :)

    1. So great Peter! Isn’t it so exciting and empowering to take a break like that for yourself? We tend to get so wrapped up in the 9 to 5 and the daily grind that we forget to take time out for ourself and our own wellbeing. I wish you all the best on your break and I’m sure the time and space will give you all you need to find some clarity. Enjoy!

  7. WOW !!!! I love this story but my favorite part was about the bidding part and the “eight times what you asked”. REALLY? I love it !!!! I just finished reading, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, the other day, so your story is right on time. One of the points the book makes is that the world’s greatest lie is that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control over what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. One of the quotes from the book is: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Thank you for sharing your story which personifies this for all of us.

    1. YES! Thank you Justine. First off, I have been on a frenzy with a few of Paulo Coelho’s books lately, and The Alchemist being one of them. So yes, I totally appreciate that quote. His stories and words really resonate with me (I even have one of his quotes on my website “It’s true, life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny.”)
      And second, I am so serious about renting out my place! I posted my place for rent online, and immediately was contacted by someone who told me about an event coming to our city and that I could easily get 6 times what I advertised. Then I had 3 people email me and the price just kept going up, up, up. That’s was the exact moment I realized I was on the right path. :)

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