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How Finding My True Potential Changed My Life

true potential

Many of us go through our lives, never really knowing what we want to do and we simply live in a way that suits others. We may conform to what’s expected of us rather than making our own choices. We may get to a point where we start to question what our true potential really is and whether we’ve lived up to that potential.

Growing up I was always a very awkward looking child. Tall, skinny and rather introverted, I lacked confidence and self-belief, especially in the classroom where my grades were certainly below average. I was a very shy child. I still remember that I would regularly hide behind my Mother’s long dress whenever she stopped to talk to people on the way to school. I still don’t quite know what I was hiding from, perhaps the possible embarrassment of being talked to by one of my Mother’s friends.

Despite being a rather awkward looking child I had a passion from a young age. That passion was fitness. I would try almost any sport. I particularly loved running and I would literally run everywhere I could. The feeling I got from exercising was like nothing else. We lived opposite the park and my Mother would let me play football with friends there after school. I wasn’t a very good footballer as it happened, but I still loved it. I was a fast runner and when I got the ball my long legs made it hard for others to catch up with me.

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How $16 Changed My Life

change my life

Before going any further into this post, I want to clarify two things: 1) This is not a product or promotion I’m pushing that costs $16; 2) This is a very low point in my life that I haven’t shared with many people. Now, with full disclosure out of the way, I’ll tell you what the title is all about.

In the summer of 2008, I worked as a sales trainer for a small marketing firm in Nashville, TN. Although during my career there I would work in over 7 different campaigns, at the time I was selling and training salespeople for a retail promotion involving At&t’s home services inside their cellular stores. Do you remember going into an At&t store and someone coming up asking you about your home phone service? Could have been me or someone I trained.

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The Mindset Shift That Changed My Life

mindset shift

I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been a big picture thinker. I wasn’t always proactive. I haven’t always had aspirations to change the world. Rewind 7 years, and I was just another dumb kid coasting along in life. I had no long-term plan in mind, no money, and all I thought about was how long I was going to be able to play video games that day.

In high school I did well enough. I operated with the thought that I would go through college, get a good job, and live a nice comfortable lifestyle, but I had no idea what it was going to be like. I went through college with the same mindset, thinking my degree was going to get me all I needed to life the life of my dreams. I wasn’t much of a go-getter. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was lost, and I was spiraling towards a life of insignificance.

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How Becoming a Dad Changed My Life

I found out I was going to be a dad on my 24th birthday. At the time this is the last thing in the world that I wanted. Despite being in a loving relationship, I did not want a kid because I felt too young, I didn’t want the financial burden and I wanted to do more travel.

At the time of writing this, my son Xavier is 8 weeks old. I can honestly say there has not been a bigger moment in my life than seeing my son for the first time. He is an absolute joy, and seeing his smiling face can wipe away the worries of the world in an instant.

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