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A Recipe for Success

recipe for success

Success. That word means different things to different people – but I imagine that when you read it, you think about how it would feel to achieve your goals, to enjoy yourself, and to be proud of the life you are living.

I believe that success is relatively simple. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy – but it does mean that it’s achievable. For all of us.

If you try out a new recipe, you’ll want some idea of what you’re expecting at the end. Cookbooks usually have photographs, so you can see how the finished dish should look. Even if there’s no photo, there’s at least a title for the recipe. The lists of ingredients might look similar at a glance, but from the title and photo, you know whether you’re baking muffins verses bread, or making a stew verses a curry.

The Importance of Celebrating Your Success

celebrate your success

On a semi-regular basis, I do some childminding for a lovely family, and this week, the younger girl (aged eight) brought home a “Congratulations” certificate from school.

This got me thinking about our achievements as adults. When did someone last give you a certificate to say “well done”, “congratulations” or “great job”? Has anyone even said those words to you recently?

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel that our hard work goes unnoticed – maybe by our employers, teachers or relatives. Perhaps you stayed late every night to ensure the success of a tricky project at work, and no-one seemed to care. Or you’ve reached a thousand subscribers on your blog, but your spouse can’t see what you’re so excited about.

What is Success?


In one of my most popular articles, 30 Fundamentals of a Wonderful Life, I stressed the importance of forming your own definition of success. If you don’t, there is a good chance you will waste a lot of time and energy chasing someone else’s version of the word. To help you, I have found 10 quotes that each, in my opinion, give a key insight into what success really means.

24 Daily Habits

good habits

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us” – John Dryden

I have previously written about how the habit of exercising every day has helped me tremendously. Doing something every day is such a powerful way to form a habit that I thought I would make a list of 24 habits that are worth doing on a daily basis.

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