What You Ought To Know About Your Inner Champion

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Many of us have been taught to strive for being number 1, to be the best at whatever we do. There are certain things in life where it is not possible to be the best, simply because there is no best. One thing that is certain is that it is possible to be your best self, meaning the best person you can possible be. Let me explain…

  • In a 100m sprint you can be the best by completing it in the quickest time.
  • In a math exam you can be the best by getting the most answers correct.
  • As a builder you can be the best by building the most brick walls of the highest quality.

In life, you can be the best by being your best self and living the best possible life you can. I can’t tell you what that best life is. Some people want to put together a fortune. Some people want fame. Some people want to make an impact on the lives of others. Some people want world peace and make it a mission to achieve that. I think that you be your best self by going after your dreams and living up to your full potential.

You Are Capable Of More Than You Think

You may not know what you are capable of. You are capable of much more than you think. You are definitely capable of determining the fact if you are or if you are not living up to your full potential. Are you happy? Are you achieving what you want to achieve? Are you content that you have reached your dreams?

If not, then you should get off your backside and continue working on yourself to be the best possible person that you can be, every single day. Life is a constant journey of discovery, learning, progress, failure, happiness, disappointments and successes. If you take things a day at a time, little by little, then over time you will make huge progress. Don’t aim for the overnight change, this is an illusion or at best reserved for a very lucky few.

There Is No Absolute Best

I’m going to use the following example to explain to you why in some cases there is no absolute best, there is no absolute number 1.

I’m going to give you a choice of a Ferarri, an off-road Jeep, a tractor, and a bus.
Now let me ask you: Which of the above vehicles is the best?

Maybe the obvious choice without thinking would be the Ferarri but with some closer inspection that is not the case. None of the above is an absolute best. In fact, every one of the above vehicles is the best in a certain situation.

  • On the racetrack or escaping from someone who wants to kill you or even an appearance at a Hollywood party the Ferarri takes the title of ‘Best’.
  • Having to cross a sandy dessert to get to the next town then the offroad Jeep is the best.
  • For agriculture purposes to grow crops and prepare the soil, the tractor is the best.
  • For transporting mass amounts of people in one go, the bus is the best.

Life Has No Absolute Best

Just like the above examples, the same principle applies to people and life. There is no ‘best’ person and no ‘best’ life. There is no-one that has the best life in the world and every-one else’s life is less fun to live. Every person is unique and different. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people are the best at physical work, others are better at fighting, others are better at sport, others are better at math and problem solving.

Some people advocate working on your weaknesses to get them to the same level as your strengths. This is especially true in schools. If you’re good writing and English, but bad at science and math, teachers put pressure on you to get better at math and science. I don’t believe in this.

I believe in taking your strengths and developing those to incredible levels. Take your natural talent and work on that to turn yourself into a champion at that talent. Do not try and get better at your weaknesses and things you have no passion for just to become a better all-rounder.

I like to take the approach of not striving to be better than everyone else in the world at the expense of not enjoying life. I take the approach of being the best person I can be, constantly improving myself and making myself better while enjoying all that life has to offer. My passion and my drive to become good at the things I want to become good at is enough inspiration and motivation to become the best, although that is not my first intention.

Just like with blogging, or with artists or musicians. Many of the top of their leagues all started out because they were passionate and loved what they did. Their aim was not to become rich or famous, that was a side-effect of their passion, dedication and perseverance.

Unleash the Champion Within You

I believe that every single person on this planet has something that they can become really good at. Not just really good, but ‘among the top of the world’ good. Every single person has the potential to be a champion. That champion is already inside of you, you just have to wake him up.

It is a shame that so many people live their lives without ever living up to their full potential. I don’t claim that I am the best person I can be. In fact, I know I am not, but I am working towards it every single day.

You can become better at anything you put time, energy and effort into. Just because you are not good at something does not mean that you cannot get good at it. Some of the best people in the world used to really suck at what they are now so good at. As Will Smith once said:

“Talent is something you are born with, but skill takes hours upon hours upon hours of incredible effort to achieve”

Less is More

One mistake I had made for the last couple of years is that I would always do too many things at a time. This resulted in being a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

I tried to become good at 3 instruments at once, 5 sports at once, I tried to build 20 websites at the same time, and tried to learn 3 professions simultaneously. The result was (as you can guess) that I never became really good at any of these things and I lost interest in them because I just did not have enough energy and inspiration to keep doing everything at once.

This was my situation until I decided to focus on a maximum of two things at a time. Two sports, one instrument, one profession, one blog. Sure, there are less things that I am becoming good at, but less is more. By cutting down on all my projects and by choosing only one or two that I am really passionate about, the chance is much bigger that I will excel at what I do.

If you are doing the same and spreading yourself too thin, take some time off to look at your life objectively. Choose one or two things that you are good at or passionate about and focus on those one or two things only. You have a champion within you. Get out there and unleash him (or her).

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