7 Days to Renew Your Life

Renew your life

In our journey through life, moments arise where stagnation sets in, and there’s an underlying need to revamp our existence. The desire to renew your life is neither a fleeting wish nor an unattainable dream; it’s an actionable goal. The key lies in having a structured approach.

Enter the solution: a holistic seven-day process designed for repeated engagement. This comprehensive plan intricately weaves together the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, ensuring a holistic transformation that resonates with the core of our being.

Whether you’re seeking an overhaul or focusing on specific aspects of self-improvement, the versatility of this process is its strength. You can embrace the entire seven-day journey or pick individual days that align with your immediate needs. As you immerse yourself, you’ll find that this plan is not just about temporary change but a sustainable blueprint, empowering you to consistently craft the life you envision.

DAY 1: RE-CHARGE A Day of Commitment

Focus on changing your mindset to renew your life. This is the day to change the thought patterns playing in your mind. Get rid of phrases such as:

  • I can’t.
  • Why does this happen to me?
  • Things always seem to go wrong.
  • After three bad things happen, life will change for the better.

Instead, think thoughts such as:

  • I can do it.
  • There are creative solutions to any problem.

Tools for Day 1: Motivational books, music, dance, art, all that is inspirational.

DAY 2: RE-VAMP A Day of Planning

Ask yourself:

  • What changes do you need to make in your home?
  • What changes do you need to make in your office?
  • What changes do you need to make in your exercise routine?
  • What changes do you need to make in your diet?

Tools for Day 2: A notebook and pen, or computer.

DAY 3: RE-CYCLE A Day of Throwing Out

Choose an area of your home, your garage, or your backyard, and clean it out thoroughly. Have three boxes set up: one for things to keep, one for things to repair, and one for things to give to others. The hard work begins.

Do not tackle your whole house on this one day. This seven-day program can be repeated again, and each time you can choose a new area. You can repeat Day 3 every week for six weeks.

Tools for Day 3: Boxes to sort things in, vacuum cleaner, broom, dust rags, and music to play to cheer yourself on through this hard day of work.

DAY 4: RE-FRESH A Day of Refreshment

This is a day of reward. If you cleaned out your office or home on day 3, then refresh this space with a new plant or bunch of flowers. Give yourself a present. Open the windows and make sure the light can shine in.

Tools for Day 4: A present for yourself.

DAY 5: RE-TURN A Day of Spiritual Contemplation

This is a day to contemplate your spiritual values and return to the values that are important to you. This is a quiet day of soul-searching.

In the past two days, you have re-cycled some of your belongings and you have refreshed an area of your house or office: you did a lot of physical work. You were involved with a lot of “things.” Today, focus on the soul level. Sit and connect with the God of your understanding and ask questions:

  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • What am I here to do in this lifetime?
  • What am I proud of and what advances have I made in my life?
  • Which areas of my life need work?

This is the day to take an honest look at the way you spend your time, the people you associate with, the worries that occupy you too much, the fears that you allow to control you, and the anger you may have towards others.

Tools for Day 5: An honest heart and an inquiring mind.

DAY 6: RE-INVENT A Day to Change Patterns

Yesterday was an assessment day. It was a hard day. Today is a day to make plans to change the parts of your life that need changing.

  • Do you have health problems you are not facing? Make an appointment with a health professional or get back to taking care of yourself in the way that you know is best for you.
  • Are you allowing the problems of others to dominate your life? If so this is a day to make plans to change your schedule. If you are a caregiver, find creative ways to get time off. And do not say, “There is no way.” Find out what your community has to offer. If the person you are taking care of does not want to receive care from others, then you must be strong and explain that you have to have time off.
  • If you spend all your time compassionately listening to others, remember that you will burn out if you do not have time for yourself. We all know this, but we do not always allow time for ourselves.

Tools for Day 6: A notebook, pen, computer, cell phone, and appointment book.

DAY 7: RE-INVEST A Investment Day in All That is Positive

It is time to think about how to best spend your money, and how to best spend your time. You have spent an entire week taking a look at your physical and spiritual life. Today is the day to take a good look at your financial life as well.

Another coffee for five dollars may not be the best way to go. A lot of takeout food costs money. Are there ways to organize your cooking so that you do not pick up as much food?

Tools for Day 7: Your financial records, your checkbook, a willingness to make changes.

As you navigate this seven-day journey, reflect on the transformative power each step holds. Every day presents an opportunity to renew your life and to emerge with a clearer understanding of yourself and your aspirations.

7 thoughts on “7 Days to Renew Your Life”

  1. Hi Carole .. thanks for those great tips and 7 days to renew your life … over a 6 week period .. each day so much of each specific “A Day of ..”

    Good idea – small steps for each of the Plan ..

    I like the article – thank you

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  2. Hi Carole,

    Replacing I can’t with I can or how can I achieve ___, will always help us to gain more control over our life. Nice article. :)

    Personal Development Blogger

  3. Veronica Watkins

    This 7 day renewing your life has bless me. I’m in the midst of a storm trying to make it out this dark space. I will use every tool to make my life better that you for allowing God to use you.

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