Reclaiming Your Creative Side

creative side

Show me a kid who doesn’t love creativity. Show me a kid who doesn’t enjoy making some type of art — painting, singing, writing stories, dancing, playing music or making things with clay.

You won’t find one.

Until life beats it out of us, we naturally find joy in creativity. Then life (a.k.a. confused grown-ups) tell us we are or aren’t good enough.

You hear that your picture of a cat doesn’t look like a cat. You notice the teacher got excited about Johnny’s singing voice but didn’t seem as thrilled about yours.

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The Different Seasons of Creativity: Finding and Following Your Patterns

paint brushes

Wherever we live in the world, we’re used to the pattern of the seasons. We know that some months are good for planting new seeds, others are good for picnics in the park, others involve warm soups and thick blankets. The rhythm of each year is the same, but the seasons turn from hot to cold, from wet to dry. We wouldn’t blame the weather for being unsuitable for harvesting when it’s time to sow, or for being no good for wearing our favorite shorts when kids are out building snowmen.

Our creative abilities follow seasons too – but we’re often unable or reluctant to recognize these. How often have you blamed yourself for not being creative or productive at a particular time? How often have you tried to rush on with something, only to quickly stall?

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How To Be More Creative


Welcome to this month’s issue of “The Creativity Times” – the online, not-for-print, ezine that explores the nature of creativity and gives you tips to improve your own creative abilities. This month we’re featuring an interview with some of the top creative minds in the world. Our ace reporter Art Viceity traveled far and wide, to gain access to some of the most elusive and creative minds in history. Yes, I said history. Art Viceity was also able to travel back in time and meet with the likes of Picasso, Dali and the grand daddy of creativity himself – Leonardo Di Vinci. How is this possible you ask? A little imagination, research and, ahem, creativity, went a long way in producing this piece.

Art: What does it mean to be creative?

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How To Unleash Your Creative Genius

creative genius

James M. Higgins, author of 101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques: The Handbook of New Ideas for Business,defines creativity as the process of generating something new that has value. Creative ideas run the gamut from new associations of existing ideas, elements, or concepts, to radical breakthroughs which extend the boundaries of human knowledge and create paradigm shifts. That is, you don’t necessarily have to make a quantum leap to be creative; you can begin by finding ways to improve an existing product, or by modifying a process to make it more efficient.

Creativity can mean identifying an untapped market for an existing product, finding a new solution to a problem, finding creative ways to resolve a labor dispute, and so on. In addition, creativity is not the sole domain of the arts—whether it’s painting, theatre, music, architecture, dancing, literature, and so on—but is important in any field, from medicine to business, and from engineering to economics.

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