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The Magic of Starting Small

starting small

Do you have any big goals that you’re struggling to make a start on? Or goals which you’ve had a go at several times – but where you keep failing? Perhaps you think there are some areas of life where you can’t succeed: you might be great at hitting targets at work, but you just can’t ever stick to an exercise routine for more than a week. Or maybe you’re on track to start your own business this year, but all your attempts to tackle your long-standing weight problem have failed.

The problem might be that you’re trying to change too much, too fast. It might seem odd to ask you on The Change Blog to cut back on how change you’re trying to work into your life … but I want to focus on getting you to think about making lasting changes that stick, rather than trying to completely change your habits overnight.

Think again about those goals you think you’ll never meet. Perhaps some of them are failed New Years’ resolutions –like exercising more, eating healthily, losing weight, quitting smoking. If you’re like most people, you probably tried to make sweeping changes overnight, and it didn’t work.

7 Benefits of Losing Weight

benefits losing weight

Are you overweight? If your life never quite satisfies you – if you don’t feel you’re as confident, productive, motivated or enthused as you could be, try kick-starting the changes you want to make by beginning with your body.

Seven years ago, I was shy, chubby, lacking in confidence, and struggling to think beyond my immediate future: going to Cambridge University. I’d been fatter than my classmates since the age of nine or ten. Finally losing that extra thirty or so pounds I’d been carrying around has had a tremendous impact on my life over the past seven years.

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